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PRESENTATION: Mitsubishi Colt, Mitsubishi Outlander



Charged Colt will fire in 2005. We are introducing him now.

What tricks are leading manufacturers today not to attract the attention of a satiated consumer. Several types of bodies - please, choice of engines and gearboxes - no questions, special suspension and steering settings - exclusively for you. And now, after the very recent presentation of the five-door Mitsubishi Colt, we are flying to see and feel something incendiary-incendiary called the Colt CZ3. Three doors, other body plastic, original interior details and a whole gamut of engines, including a one and a half liter turbocharged engine with a capacity of 150 liters. with. We were also promised a surprise based on the same Colt, as well as a charged Mitsubishi Outlander with a motor from Lancer Evolution VIII.



A string of bright red three-door "Colts" froze on the lawn at the luxury hotel. Here, of course, it is shameless to steer into a Porsche, a piece of BMW or even something more serious. However, it is not a fact that you will receive more attention than these “babies”, whose novelty and energy are simply striking. Here with a small spoiler and predatory slots in the front bumper is the CZT version, that is, a turbo. And next to more modest counterparts with engines of 1.5; 1.3 and 1.1 liters. Now I regret that I could not go to get acquainted with the five-door “foal” lovingly presented by my colleague (ZR, 2004, No. 7). Although here he is, modestly standing aside - a pretty and probably practical little car that looks much more prosaic than its expressive counterparts. It seems to be the same silhouette, but the three-door has become not only a little shorter and lower. Redesigned style: bumpers, taillights look different, even the line of side windows emphasizes the temperament of the model.

What's inside? There is much more in common with the usual Colt. Although, of course, the creators of the fastest version did not stint on the formation of the image of an “athlete”.

You can’t help but feel the sporty mood of the model, being in the tight embrace of the embossed seats, putting your feet on the perforated aluminum pedals, looking around the white scales of the instruments.

Although, stop! The initially seemingly perfect "racing" entourage in places was rather annoying. And it’s not even that the plastic gray-blue insert under the center console looks a bit awkward. In the end, this is a matter of taste (for me, a sports car would be much better polished aluminum). It turns out that the instruments here are poorly readable, and you completely overlap the tachometer by half with your right hand. The developers nod their heads, acknowledging the blunder, and promise to change the situation for the series. Along the way, I look into the regular version of the machine. Definitely - more convenient! Of course, the interior looks simpler, but ergonomics are not satisfactory.

On the go, the CZT is cruel and uncompromising. Even on flat European tracks, he strives to remind you of every microroughness of asphalt. Thank God, there are few of those, especially since we and Colt get out onto the autobahn, where you can try what it is capable of.

Gas to the floor! The exhaust system grunted satisfactorily, tuning in to the organ mood. Powerful 16-inch tires screamed in unison, but the sound was immediately stifled by the traction control. The selected gears clicked, and the kid easily and naturally led the speedometer needle to the two-hundred-kilometer mark. It turned out that the motor is quite elastic, its even characteristic is almost devoid of any “turbojam” or, on the contrary, “turbo-grips”. The engine confidently accelerates the car already from 1500 rpm, at 3–3.5 thousand allowing itself a small emotional outburst interrupted by an electronic limiter closer to 7000 rpm.

Meanwhile, the route turns onto a serpentine. The strict and elastic steering wheel in corners is poured by a remarkable stabilizing force. It, of course, is a little artificial and again serves to create a halo of sportiness. However, thanks to this, the driver feels good about the car in the most insidious turns. There are almost no body rolls (by the way, the toughest of the whole family), the car's responses are instant and balanced, and the dynamic stabilization system insures against re-evaluating its capabilities.

In the “Colt CZ3” with a 1.3-liter engine and a robotic six-speed manual gearbox (AMT), I change with some caution. Wouldn't he seem too bland amid a muscular fellow? Nothing like this! It turns out that his ninety-five "horses" can give pleasure in driving. Of course, there are only two pedals instead of three, and the automated "mechanics" are faultless only with measured driving, but this is not the main thing. Even with a "small" engine, the car remained comfortable, understandable and somehow cheerful.

Here, the steering wheel has become easier and freer, the suspension is more comfortable, but the main, incendiary features in the character of the Colt have been preserved. He is still dynamic, good in fast corners and at the same time comfortable and traction. In general, the “civilian” version is in no way inferior to the “charged” version in terms of the balance of driving properties. The one, of course, is faster and more aggressive, but it also needs special roads, so to speak, without restrictions.

I wonder what will be the convertible "Colt CZ2"? After all, it was his full-size layout that was presented as a surprise. Well, let's wait, there is so far a minimum of information about this car. Even at the request to photograph - a categorical "no!". I can only assume that it will be something like the “Peugeot 206 SS”, only, naturally, in the spirit of the “Mitsubishi”.


At first glance - the usual “Outlander”. Familiar forms, slightly nosed profile, paraphernalia of the “Mitsubishi” parquet SUV. But if you look closely, you will surely catch on to the changed design of the front of the body, rear lights, new 17-inch wheels and, of course, a characteristic cutout on the hood. This is the updated and most temperamental Outlander with the Turbo nameplate. After all, it was for him that the “power” donor was Evo VIII. Of course, the characteristics of the engine have changed: the creators sacrificed horsepower. It is understandable, “Outlander” is not a sports car, its tasks are completely different.

As a result of the evolution of the motor, 265 “horses” remained 205, and the maximum torque from 355 N.m decreased to 303. Such a filling, according to the assurances of the designers, allows you to accelerate a heavy car to hundreds in 7.7 s and gain 220 km / h. Agree, impressive! It's time to try it all in action.

It is difficult to remain indifferent after the characteristic sob of a turbine, after which the most interesting begins. As the tachometer needle steps over the three thousandth mark, the Outlander Turbo, like a spurred horse, rushes forward with a jerk. "SUV" adopted the features of the fastest "Lancer", which are "brought up" perfected by a two-liter turbo engine. For completeness of sensations, perhaps only characteristic transmission howls that "walk" on a real sports car are lacking.

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