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TEST: VAZ 2110 3 And Daewoo Nexia


MAXIM NETS. PHOTO: Konstantin Yakubov

The idea of ​​this test was suggested by a real purchase. Many car dealerships have now become multi-brand, that is, they sell cars of different brands. More than once I had to observe how a person comes for one machine, but acquires another. So my friend was going to buy a VAZ 2110 3, as a result, he left … for the Daewoo Nexia. The difference in price between an Uzbek foreign car and a domestic “one hundred and third” in a simple configuration is already less than a thousand dollars. A buyer who has accumulated $ 7, 800 for one of the most expensive Russian models can easily pay such an amount. Moreover, many immediately give no less money for alloy wheels, plastic body kit, expensive audio equipment.


VAZ 2110 3, which fell into our hands, cost 225 thousand rubles ($ 7800). Silver metallic, sixteen-valve engine, factory tinted windows, power windows in the front doors, central locking, immobilizer, electric trunk lock. For the "Nexia" in the simplest configuration they asked 252 thousand rubles ($ 8700). In the arsenal of the Uzbek car - an engine with two valves per cylinder, more modest characteristics and without a converter, electric boot and fuel filler flap, head unit with four speakers.

A biased inspection immediately discredited the products of the native automobile industry. I recalled the first editorial "ten", the product of pilot production. Uneven gaps - in some even the little finger creeps in, most of the body parts do not coincide with each other. It is possible that these assembly flaws confused the hesitating buyer. Inside is no better. Was it worth it to design a massive dashboard, consisting of many elements, then to assemble it like that! It looks, of course, more modern and noble Uzbek, but only from afar. Parts fitted poorly, the gaps are almost like on a body, on the visor of the dashboard chip.

How convenient it is to open the rear windows, appreciated by our photographer, who decided to shoot on the go. The glass dropped by only two-thirds, and the handle had to be applied. The windows were not touched anymore so as not to break, and the frustrated operator moved to the front seat. True, in the tar barrel there is also a spoon of honey - all the doors are closed like in foreign cars, without effort and a metal sound.

Against the backdrop of VAZ 2110 3, Nexia really looks like a foreign guest. Body clearances, albeit not too narrow, but even, there are no obvious, striking skews of the panels. The trim is inexpensive materials, but all the details are precisely fitted. Handles and buttons do not jam; insert elements do not hang. In addition, the steering column switches, instrument panel and radio display are carefully covered by shipping films.

Do not think that the “Nexia” is devoid of flaws and flaws in the assembly - it’s just that they are noticeably smaller than the “tens”. For example, wires casually laid to the rear speakers - oversized luggage can break the song. Of course, correcting this oversight is easier than adjusting the body parts. But I want specialists in factories to do the finishing work, not the owners in the garages.

Of course, compared with the "top ten" the interior (as well as the exterior) of the Nexia looks rustic, but thanks to the solid assembly - it is hospitable and friendly. Is it not better to give money for a simple, but normally assembled instrument panel than for a modern one, but at the same time skewed and creaking!


Sea trials partially rehabilitated the "top ten." The seats have infinitely adjustable backrests, a movable steering column, height-adjustable belts - these are by no means useless little things that Nexia cannot brag about. And in general, the ergonomics of the VAZ 2110 3 are better. This is quite natural, because the Uzbek car is essentially an Opel Cadet, in comparison with which the “ten” is a young person.

“Lada” is more fun than an Uzbek classmate to match the model age. According to our measurements (ZR, 2001, No. 6; 2000, No. 3), the VAZ 2110 3 exchanges a hundred for two and a half seconds faster, and when accelerating in fifth gear from 80 to 120 km / h, it wins 3.5 s. There are no miracles - additional “horses” and Newton meters do their job. Where Nexia asks for fourth, “one hundred and third” pulls without tension in fifth gear. "Lada" holds the road more confidently, reacts more calmly to driving movements, less heels in corners.

All the design advantages of the VAZ 2110 3 mercilessly crosses out the quality of assembly and components. It’s better to change gear to Nexia five times than to move the lever “one hundred and third” once - the fuzzy inclusions, the moves are big. In addition, in the car that got to our test, it was difficult to “implant” the first one, having collided in a traffic jam. But you can put up with this - you see, it will be developed. But what about a malfunction in the engine control system? After 150 km, the “Check engine” light turned on treacherously, the minimum speed jumped by two thousand, and during acceleration detonation knocks were heard. For the company, the right direction indicator failed.

Weighty 60-gram weights eloquently speak about the quality of discs and rubber. However, they do not save from vibrations that are transmitted to the steering wheel at speeds above 80 km / h.


It is generally accepted that servicing a foreign car is more expensive than a domestic car. For our couple, the prices for most of the original spare parts are almost the same, and for some items the Korean-Uzbek parts are even cheaper than the Russian ones - the hood or the driver's door to the native model is one and a half times more expensive! It turns out that rumors that a cheap foreign car will leave without pants are clearly exaggerated.

Also, dealership prices for maintenance at Nexia are only 5–10% higher. True, according to the factory standards, Daewoo has to be serviced every 10 thousand km, and Lada - one and a half times less often. However, many years of experience communicating with these cars shows that the owner of the Uzbek brand will be less likely to meet with repairmen. Two faults VAZ 2110 3, which appeared on the first three hundred kilometers, is a confirmation of this. And even if they are removed under warranty, no one will pay you the lost time.

This is not to say that Nexia does not break at all. Children’s diseases are still alive in it - for example, due to the fault of the designers, dirt enters the rear brakes, so due to the rapid wear, the drums and pads need to be changed two to three times more often than on the VAZ 2110 3. The Uzbek woman does not tolerate »And heavy work - the rear springs burst when overloaded. If you are still going to experience the cargo qualities of this car, it is better to install stiffer springs, for example, from the Daewoo Espero (for more details see ЗР, 2004, No. 1). However, “Nexia”, unlike the “dozens”, will not bother with trifles: current seals, burned out relays, failed sensors are usually found on cars that are too old.

Nexia has held onto the market for so long that many no longer consider it a foreign car. For example, the same amount was taken for washing one and the other machine. And the hijackers do not favor this car - Lada is more to their liking.

To summarize the test. Both cars are not without advantages, as well as disadvantages. VAZ 2110 3 exterior and interior claims to be the title of a modern car. Being such a "Lada" does not allow quality. "Nexia", on the contrary, does not hide the age, it looks rustic, but it is collected in good conscience. Alas, it is not possible to combine the advantages of the Russian and Uzbek cars in this price niche, so decide what to give your money for. For me personally, the choice is obvious: a car, even an inexpensive one, should ride, and not hang on a lift.


VAZ 2110 3 - the most expensive domestic production model with a claim to the present. It is convenient for long trips, but loses to foreign classmates in reliability.

+ Good dynamic performance, good stability and controllability.

- Low quality of components and assembly, high prices for body parts.


"Daewoo Nexia" - the cheapest car among foreign classmates. The best option for those who need a simple car - inexpensive, trouble-free, roomy.

+ One of the best indicators in terms of price / quality ratio, inexpensive spare parts and service among foreign cars.

- Morally obsolete interior and exterior, clumsy rear seatback.




21103 NEXIA

Air filter 120 150

Front brake pads 150 500

Brake discs 700 750

Rear shock absorber 550 750

Clutch disc

(master / slave) 700/400 850/1000

Complete front bumper 4000 5000

Headlight 1300 1500

(2900 *)

Hood 5500 3500

Front door

(left / right) 7200/4000 4000/4000

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