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By City - Not By Weight

Video: By City - Not By Weight
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By City - Not By Weight
By City - Not By Weight

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KAWASAKI ZR-7 Neoclassical

Year of issue

| Engine 738

| Power

| Weight

| Max. speed

| Estimated price

| Mileage

Motorcycles with an engine capacity of 750 cm3 are special: today they remain the last example of a balance of engine power, excellent handling and “city” speeds. And let the “arms race” affect this class, but simple duplex frames, derated in-line motors and a sweet heart (and body) classic landing at the wheel - in the next five years, I dare to assume that no one will take them away.

And if so, let's get comfortable with the Kawasaki ZR-7. We look: catchy appearance, evoking the expectations of the hole, and, if you look closely from what it is "stuck together", excellent driving performance and sophisticated handling. In the end, town-bike must be such - otherwise how else to quickly get to work, redo a dozen tasks in a day, attend all scheduled meetings, and ride with a girl in the evening. Let the mass index of 202 kg not scare you (and do not try to calculate the power-to-weight ratio of this bully in your mind). Evaluate something else: acceleration to hundreds for 3.8 s is not enough for you? Or speeds of 205 km / h (unless you visit that device without fairings)?

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