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Turning From Century To Century

Turning From Century To Century
Turning From Century To Century


CONCEPT CAR Rolls-Royce EX100




Probably even those who are very far from the world of cars have heard about the Rolls-Royce centenary this year. The real glory of the company, founded in 1904, came two years later, when the famous “Silver Goust” (“Silver Spirit”) was presented, which literally won over wealthy customers with luxury and thoroughness of decoration, excellent driving performance, reliability (ЗР, 2001, No. 7).

A lot of different bodies were built on the Silver Goust chassis, and in 1919 it served as the basis for the Rolls-Royce 1EX (EX - experimental). Under this simple index, the company made its prototypes until 1957. The last (now last but one!) Was 45EX.

The experimental cars were not advertised, were not shown to the public, they simply worked out the ideas of future production cars. But the bodies for the prototypes, of course, were ordered by the company's permanent suppliers - the most famous workshop in Britain. Starting the second century of its history, Rolls-Royce decided to continue the old tradition.


To make a worthy gift to such a jubilee as the Rolls-Royce, especially for the 100th anniversary, is even more difficult than to bestow the sovereign monarch. And the famous company presented the best present to itself by introducing the Rolls-Royce 100EX concept (100, of course, not a serial number, but a reminder of the anniversary). The creators of the machine do not accept the term “concept,” they like the “experimental car.” A four-seater convertible nearly 5.7 m long (just 165 mm shorter than the Phantom) is not a mockup, but a traveling prototype.

The creators of Rolls-Royce understand that such machines cannot be taken with reason, and designers, led by Ian Cameron, tried to influence emotions. The car, by design, should, in particular, be associated with an elegant high-speed yacht, and therefore not only the “stern” - the boot floor, but also the lid under which the awning is hidden, the top of the doors and even the floor in the cabin were trimmed with a bleached teak.

And now feel the breath of the 21st century: the 100ЕХ spatial frame, like the serial Phantom, is made of aluminum, and the body panels are made of composite materials. From aluminum - a powerful windshield frame and hood. Moreover, both parts are milled from solid billets!

We will return … in the 1930s. The huge doors opening back remind of them. This is not only a tribute to nostalgia, it’s very convenient to enter the car (namely, to enter, not to climb in!) And sit on both rows of seats. By the way, the back is spacious almost the same as in the Phantom: the base is only 100 mm smaller. Instead of newfangled hard folding roofs, the designers proposed a classic soft tent, though folding very compactly. Inside, the roof was trimmed with a fabric of wool and cashmere. The fathers of the anniversary concept claim that they are able to create an absolutely “silent tent”, but in this case they tried to make the sound of a drop of rain a special romantic feeling among the inhabitants of Rolls-Royce.

Engine at 100EX - 9-liter V16. By the way, Henry Royce was thinking about such a motor back in 1930, still stopping at a 12-cylinder unit. The company does not provide other data on the current engine, except that it is atmospheric. Loyalty to tradition! For many years, the company did not indicate the power of its engines at all, stating that it was "sufficient." There is no doubt that the 9-liter 64-valve unit also has this.

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