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Pacific Breeze


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Pacific Breeze
Pacific Breeze

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This atypical tourer of the late 80s, Honda called it the Pacific Coast 800 - "Pacific Coast." At one time, he made a lot of noise and was nicknamed by journalists, not without irony, "the biggest scooter." After a couple of years, although the motorcycle was sold exclusively in the United States, through the efforts of gray dealers, it became popular in Europe. And by the mid-90s, he completely bothered that he was called a cult. And where would you think? In France - the world capital of fashion. Though not motorcycle, but in a country where taste and sophistication are recognized as a standard. And it is worth a lot. What fascinated the French? A design resembling a car (with a body kit covering all the insides of the motorcycle)? The enviable capacity of the built-in wardrobe trunks with the expectation of the immense belongings of a companion? But another thing is absolutely clear: the motorcycle offered a first-class level of comfort, was easily controlled on the highway, was not too tiring on long trips (remember, did we want to see all this in a dream tour?), And in addition had excellent technical characteristics. That, you understand, is not a trifle. I plunged into the saddle, which was favorable for long journeys, put my legs on wide steps, took up the compact steering wheel (offering a relaxed, but at the same time unusually sharp steering for long-range driving, which, however, you quickly get used to) and went to travel.

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