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Dual-use Technology
Dual-use Technology


CHOOSE A CAR: Suzuki Ignis




Debuted last year, the Suzuki Ignis replaced the Swift model, which has been running a pedigree since 1983. Like all small cars of recent times, the new car is higher than its predecessor. This is done in order to increase the internal volume, but to remain in its class, in this case - small.

In Europe there is an all-wheel drive vehicle modification, as well as with a 1.3 liter diesel engine, 51 kW / 69 liter. with. In Russia, "Ignis" offer so far only with front-wheel drive. Engines - gasoline, with a volume of 1.3 liters, 69 kW / 94 liters. with. and 1.5 liters, 73 kW / 99 liters. with. In addition to the first, there is only a five-speed manual gearbox, and to the second, only a four-speed “automatic”. A car with any power unit can be purchased in the performance of "standard" or "luxury".

Despite its modest dimensions, Ignis does not fall into the desirable price range for many up to ten thousand. For the Japanese brand and the expected high reliability, you will have to pay at least $ 14, 880 (by the way, Hungarian pickers are fighting for Japanese quality). This is the price of a car as standard with a 1.3 liter engine and “mechanics”. The cheapest “automatic machine” and 1.5 liter engine will cost from $ 16, 680. The price of cars with the same motors in the luxury version is $ 15, 590 and 17, 390, respectively.

The minimum equipment includes air conditioning and a smart electric power steering, two front airbags and power windows for the front doors, heated and powered exterior mirrors, fog lights and audio preparation (without a radio). All cars have a central locking system, heated front seats, ABS.

The main differences between the luxury version are light alloy wheels 185 / 60R15 instead of steel 165 / 70R14, roof rails and a plastic body kit on wheel arches and sills.

The relatively high price of Ignis is unlikely to allow him to rise to the first lines in sales ratings, and yet the car is interesting for the Russian market. There was an unprecedented ground clearance of 170 mm for such a foreign car, high thresholds and a dense suspension give the right to speak about its adaptability to various road conditions, including Russian lanes. At least, his geometric cross is better than the VAZ “ten”. No powerful engine compartment protection? At the first request, they are ready to install it in a service center ($ 115).

It remains to add that we will lead the story of the car in the "luxury" configuration with a 1.5 liter engine and automatic transmission ($ 17, 390).


Whatever you say, Ignis looks like a tough guy. If you don’t put a person near, the car in the photo will seem bigger than it really is. Why not a SUV, just a little one?

The linkers got the hang of placing a lot of pockets in a small car. Despite its modest dimensions, even in the rear doors you can put bottles. At the same time, when folding the second row, they form a step, and by tradition, under the boot carpet, there is only room for a “dokatka”. You can complain that there is no convenient shelf for the left foot, but since we have an “automatic machine”, there is enough space for the foot.

High landing allows you to find a comfortable posture even without adjusting the steering column. Two buttons of a sound signal on the steering wheel are not too convenient - they are good only when the steering acuity requires rare interceptions, but this is not about Ignis. As befits a small car, it is "imprisoned" under the city, where excessive sharpness is useless.

Today, you will rarely see a combination of devices “without showing off”, therefore you notice the practical solution of the Ignis panel with a plus sign. True, the red illumination of devices is not entirely clear, but this is not for everybody.

The dimensions of the seats and their adjustment ranges are Japanese, that is, there is enough space in the front, but the large driver will probably not have a sense of freedom. The reserve is large in height - hardly anyone will complain.

In the rear seats there is a lot of space at the top, moderately in front (to the front seats), modestly wide, which is understandable. You can change the angle of the backrest - separately for its two parts. As befits a modern car, there are three full three-point belts and the same number of head restraints. Moreover, the latter, when not used, is easy to drown, so as not to interfere with the review.

A close look at the side will certainly mark the wide openings of the rear doors at the top. As an advantage, I also note the settings of the air conditioner. He is trained to blow moderately cold air on passengers so that they do not catch a cold. In general, moderation is one of the features of Suzuki. And the trunk volume of 235 liters - neither small nor large; and weight less than a ton with a loading capacity of 500 kg.


In recent years, the military has decided to talk about "dual-use technology" - civil and military at the same time. For some reason, it came to mind when I saw the Ignis, and later - got behind the wheel.

Of course, it was not created for military service, but with a purely urban, at first glance destination, you will enjoy driving along country roads. A dense suspension copes well with most potholes, sometimes pushing to drive faster than reasonable. Still four-wheel drive …

On the highway, as the speed increases, the car remains accurate for a long time in its reactions to the actions of the driver. Delays become noticeable after a noticeable excess of what the Rules allow, but even here the banks remain small.

In urban conditions, among the strengths of the “Suzuki” it is necessary to add a convenient “bagel” and a good sense of size that does not leave a driver. True, if the city is Russian, even the dense suspension of a small car can save in front of short but deep waves - where, for example, the asphalt accidentally sank.

Ignis has very good noise isolation for its class - the motor is well audible only after 4000 rpm, and in normal operation a 1.5-liter engine falls into this range infrequently. But most of all I liked the automatic transmission. First of all, because it switches almost without hesitation.

Well and most of all I didn’t like the prices for the Japanese “car body” (see table). They make full insurance more compulsory (compulsory motor third-party liability insurance plus "motor hull insurance").

Authorized dealers offer credit purchases with a choice between several banks. The minimum down payment is from 20% (not including insurance), the maximum loan term is up to three years.


THAT 1, 500 km (with consumable materials) 95

THAT 15 000 km (with consumable materials) 175

TO 30, 000 km (cabin filter) 260 (+85)

Front brake shoes 85

Rear brake shoes 155

Radiator 600

Front bumper 515

Rear bumper 350

Hood 420

Front door 300

Door back 350

Front wing 185

Windshield 310

Headlight 285

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