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Test: Volkswagen Golf - Opel Astra. Excellent And Good


Video: Test: Volkswagen Golf - Opel Astra. Excellent And Good

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Video: Аstra J GTC 1.4t AT vs Golf 6 1.4t DSG Чей 1.4 ЛУЧШЕ??? 2023, January
Test: Volkswagen Golf - Opel Astra. Excellent And Good
Test: Volkswagen Golf - Opel Astra. Excellent And Good


Yes, it is very honorable and at the same time not at all easy to represent the most numerous class of cars, which even has the official prefix "golf" in the name. Here is no longer up to bold experiments. Each time creating a new model, one must think that it was not only better than the previous one, but also more advanced than that of competitors. This they can afford certain liberties, leaving the consumer the opportunity to decide whether it worked out well or not. Volkswagen has slightly different tasks - to present a kind of ideal for the next few years, to become a role model, a trendsetter, if you want.

Why this reasoning? In our test, you can not do just a technical comparison of two cars - which one is better. With German pedantry, they were already divided, assigning each their own niche in the politics of firms. Otherwise, how can you explain that the difference in the cost of machines that are close in status, size and functional purpose reaches (at least in the Russian market) almost four thousand dollars. Our "legislator" easily invaded the price niche of much more prestigious cars. Agree, 24.5 thousand dollars for a car, albeit excellently equipped with additional equipment, but with an engine of only 1.6 liters, to put it mildly, immodestly. Especially against the backdrop of a direct competitor for twenty and a half thousand. The latter, of course, does not have an air conditioner, rain sensor, heated seats and leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear lever. However, for $ 24, 761 you can buy "Astra" with a 1.8 liter engine and a very impressive list of options. So it turns out that in its class "Golf" is a leader primarily in price. Yes, manufacturers are trying to offer the most convenient and practical car, but at the same time someone makes it not only more correct, but also more expensive.


If we put our wards nearby in a crowded place, priority will be given to Astra. And the matter is not even in interesting stylistic finds or an abundance of fashionable chrome. The car has changed dramatically in appearance, retaining only the logo from the previous version. Astra not only grew up - it became more solid. The new exterior, of course, is of interest: they look at the car, discuss it lively, and express a variety of opinions.

Volkswagen is more relaxed: absolute recognition hides the perception of the novelty of the model. Of course, the Volkswagen stylist will certainly prove to you that the Golf has changed significantly compared to its predecessor. With him, I quote the press release, “there were swept contours of the front part, powerful outlines of the rear and a unique side design.” It sounds intriguing, but for the average person all this is not very convincing - the real novelty is much less. For Volkswagen, tradition is more important. It is proven solutions that the company brings to perfection from model to model.

The internal content of both cars is dominated by traditional German Q-factor, reasonableness of the surrounding space. If it is plastic, then it is necessarily soft, thoroughbred, warm to the touch. A seat means with guaranteed comfortable hugs and ample adjustments. And let the “Astra” have an ordinary steering wheel, and the “Golf” is lined with leather, there is no doubt: the ranges of its settings will satisfy the most non-standard requirements. At the same time, the closer you get with the cars, the greater the difference.


To feel the spirit of the new model, Golf V must be watched and sniffed. Glance, almost without lingering, glides over familiar controls, instrument scales, "wheels" of electric seat heating and other buttons and toggle switches. In one version or another, all this is familiar from other Volkswagen cars and has been highly appreciated more than once.

Perhaps you should first sit in the back, pay tribute to the texture of solid upholstery materials, imbued with a restrained corporate identity, only seemingly simple and discreet.

And then you suddenly realize that the car has changed, and very seriously: the Golf seems to have become emancipated, you feel surprisingly free in it. Only after that you begin to notice the “little things” and become imbued with respect for their detailed study. Be sure that this auto glove box will be as spacious as necessary, and the efforts on all buttons, toggle switches and other controls will be exactly what you expect.

Perhaps now you can finally appreciate the pride of the creators - Klimatronik. He not only migrated to a more convenient place (after all, they did not find fault with it), but also stepped into the future, becoming separate for the driver and front passenger. In a word, “Golf” you accept at once and as a whole, as a good old friend with whom he lived for more than one year.

The interior of the "Opel Astra" gravitates to a strict, even somewhat heavy style. Massive front panel, prevailing dark and black shades, specific design. Despite the abundance of free space, in this car for some reason you feel as if at an official reception. Even silver inserts on the doors are not able to “cheer” this officiality.

The traditional screen of the information display in the center of the front panel, the usual section of the instrument cluster, the familiar ring-lock of the reverse gear, which is on the lever of the box. Although stop: there’s no ringlet. Instead, the trigger of a toy gun, I must say, is a great handicap. “Astra” responds to my nit-picking with diplomatic silence: they say you get used to it. It seems not only to this. It turns out that the "wheels" of the ventilation system moved to the very bottom of the center console, and their symbols lost their former size and clarity. Well, at least the air conditioner button is opposite the gear lever - you get into it almost blindly.

And here, between the front seats, I’ll attach a bottle of mineral water and … My hand hangs in the air without finding a cup holder. Well, it doesn’t matter, let’s put it in another place, although it is not clear: comfortable seats and controls, a lot of space, including for rear passengers, an efficient and at the same time very comfortable air conditioning system and such small, insulting miscalculations.


At Volkswagen, all its refinement in the details is revealed very clearly. It seems that he sat down, habitually turned on the transmission, drove off: nothing special. And only then it comes to mind - the actions of the pedals, the lever of the box are so natural and adjusted that you did not think for a second! The clutch worked exactly at the moment when it was necessary, the engine speed was suitable, and the gearbox was clear and informative. And again, the car is imbued with involuntary respect. This will then be the nit-picking for a calm and generally outstanding engine that loves revolutions, for the energetic shaking of adapted suspensions. I recall the uncomfortable exterior mirrors, the winkingly winking turn signals, from which for some reason you start to tremble all the time - did you really miss someone?

So far, this is not the main thing. You tried on yourself a new solid suit, and it turned out to be extremely slim in shape. Mindful of the special, “driver” settings of the electric power steering, in the first moments of your acquaintance you pay attention to a too light steering wheel. Immediately thoughts come about possible problems at high speed and, accordingly, controllability. No matter how! As the pace increases, the steering wheel is filled with excellent feedback.

And how the Golf rides in the corners! Maybe this is where the feeling of confidence that emerged from the beginning develops into an unshakable faith: the reliability and predictability of the machine is beyond praise. It would seem, well, he should heel, something to lose in a quick turn. But no, the tires hold, the suspension works flawlessly. Even slipping, “Golf” behaves sedately and with dignity: they say that I’m not to blame, the driver is too hot.

"Opel Astra" against the backdrop of an almost perfect competitor is not without contradictions. At first you learn to get under way, although the Astra engine is much faster than the Volkswagen engine: the clutch works in a too narrow range.

Then, having appreciated the high acoustic comfort, you cannot but complain about tires that are too noisy, marking every change in the road surface. Comfortable pendants - great! But why are their smooth swaying accompanied by such a noisy and shaky passage through small bumps?

Suddenly, the “sharp” steering wheel at first captivates with interconnections ideal for the city: it seems that I just thought it over, and the car itself was already rebuilt in the right line. However, with increasing speed, the impulsivity of the responses begins to strain, requiring increased attention. And then there are comfortable pendants that add a touch to the car’s behavior, causing a side swing in fast corners.

In general, there is "something to complain about", especially since the competitor is prepared very seriously.


Well, speaking of technology, the fifth Golf is almost impeccable: the perfection of mechanics, electronics, etc. - it was in this vein that the main work on the new car was carried out. From my point of view, she worked out perfectly.

“Opel Astra” with all its interesting appearance, practical and thoughtful internal content, balanced “smart” figures remained good. Although, if you return to the beginning of my discussion about prices, it is easy to assume that in Russia a good guy will be in much greater demand than an excellent student.


Volkswagen Golf is a sophisticated car, still the first student in the golf class.

+ Convenient functional interior, verified ergonomics, high level of equipment, improved driving capabilities.

- High price, little novelty in appearance, repeaters of direction indicators interfere with side mirrors.


Opel Astra - you can have no doubt in his abilities, but they just barely reach an excellent mark.

+ Novelty, spacious lounge, comfortable trunk, good acoustic comfort, excellent brakes.

- Noisy tires, harsh on small irregularities, somewhat sharp at high speed.





central locking

Power windows.

(front / rear) / / -

Electric mirrors


steering column

Seat Heater -

Air conditioning -

Climate control -

Audio preparation

Audio system

Belt tensioners


(qty) 8 4



Full size

app. wheel

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