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The Second Coming Of Gaps

Video: The Second Coming Of Gaps
Video: *Battle in the Gap of Dimensions* : |Turning Mecard |Episode 45 2023, February
The Second Coming Of Gaps
The Second Coming Of Gaps




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According to our information, we are talking about the car "Daewoo Lanos II" with a 1.6-liter 16-valve engine. It is possible that Lanos will appear under the Chevrolet brand on the Russian market. Or even under the brand name ZAZ, but it will get a different name.

The Zaporozhets drove into the Mercedes … Many jokes begin with this murderous phrase. And who would have believed ten years ago, when ZAZ stopped the production of the “Cossacks” and fell into a coma that in the near future it would start collecting “Mercedes”?

By the way, in Ukrainian, the word "coma" means a comma. Perhaps that is why the Almighty did not put an end to the fate of ZAZ.

Here are the brands in the current production range of the Zaporizhzhya Automobile Plant: Daewoo, Chevrolet, Opel, Dacia, Mercedes-Benz, VAZ. This is not counting their own "brands" and "glory." In 2004, ZAZ for the first time since the Soviet Union will produce more than 100 thousand cars. In 2005, 150 thousand are quite real.

How many of them will go to Russia? In search of an answer, the ZR correspondent met with the most informed people on both sides of the border.

Alexander Kovrigin, Deputy General Director of ASM Holding OJSC:

This year ZAZ, I think, will sell 10-12 thousand cars in Russia. And if you take into account individuals imported from Ukraine, you get about 20 thousand. So far it is mainly “Slavuta”, “Tavria” and a pickup truck. Good cars. Korean "Daewoo" was not in vain attended the ZAZ. But behind them stretches a train of old ideas. ZAZ does almost nothing for advertising to show the Russians: these are cars of a completely different quality!

At the beginning of next year, Daewoo Sens should appear on the Russian market (ZR introduced it in No. 6, 2004 - L.S.). According to our estimates, it will cost from 7 to 8 thousand dollars. In the future, the Russians will be able to buy annually, I think, up to 40 thousand Ukrainian cars. But ZAZ must take care of the service and spare parts. They are needed not only for new cars - in Russia there are still 1 million 162 thousand “Tauris” and “Cossacks” …

Oleg Papashev, Chairman of the Board of ZAZ CJSC:

Unfortunately, in the post-Soviet era, we did not form a dealer network in Russia. “Who wants to work with us?” - “We want!” - “Please!” … In fact, the network is still missing - there are only a few links. But the Russian market is very interesting and important for us, therefore we are now creating our representative office in Russia. We may agree on the use of the network of our strategic partner General Motors, but in any case, such a representative office is necessary in order to quickly solve the issues of spare parts supply, warranty, maintenance, form orders for production, etc. In the next five years we plan to increase sales in the Russian market 10 times.

Since 2003, we have been supplying updated Tavria family cars to Russia: a three-door hatchback Tavria Nova, a five-door liftback Slavuta and a ZAZ 110557 pickup based on it.

Soon we will offer Sens with a 1.3-liter MeMZ injection engine that can withstand Euro II toxicity. We assume that the Sens will be in the same price range with cars such as the VAZ 2110, Daewoo Nexia, Lada Kalina and Renault Logan. Following Sens, in the second half of 2005, we will present to the Russian consumer a model with a more powerful engine and a rich set of options …

Tariel Vasadze, head of Ukravto corporation (ZAZ is part of it - L.S.):

Russia and Ukraine are actively moving towards the CES - a single economic space. But now there is an agreement between our countries under which imported cars can be exempted from duty. The main condition: the Ukrainian or Russian share in them should be more than 50 percent. This criterion initially meets the cars of the Tavria family. Soon Sens will join them on the Russian market: in the coming months, ZAZ will start welding, painting, assembling it and will overcome the 50 percent barrier. And somewhere next summer the turn will reach “Lanos” … Our production capacities for “Sens” and “Lanos” - 60 thousand cars a year. But this is just a start. Already in 2005 we want to bring them up to 100 thousand.

Readers at the wheel know that since January ZAZ has been producing the Opel Astra - it welds, paints and assembles. In principle, this machine is also a candidate for duty-free import into Russia. But you have your own “asters”, they are also “Chevrolet Viva”. Now, if the Russians will miss them, we will be able to help with the permission of General Motors. So far, however, there are no such plans.

Next year, we will begin to systematically create a dealer network in Russia. We’ll probably build several auto centers … I still can’t say if there will be a network of our own or jointly with GM. Or maybe we will unite in this business with LAZ and KrAZ. But the network will be - it is for sure!

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