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Nicholas Mordovtsev. PHOTO: Konstantin Yakubov

Few people can boast of such a wide range of cars as Mercedes: cars, trucks and, of course, buses - from the miniature Vanoe to the city harmonica Konekto and Tsitaro. In Russia, the tourist leader was the tourist Inturo-O560 of the Turkish branch of Mercedes-Benz.


The bus is not a dump truck - in addition to power and resource, it requires environmental cleanliness from its engine, otherwise they will not let it go to any resort. Since 1999, the Intro has been equipped with the inline six OM441LA Euro II with a volume of 11 liters and a capacity of 340 liters. with., and two years ago it was replaced by a more modern 12-liter OM457 Euro III with a capacity of 354 liters. with. In order not to raise the floor at the rear of the bus, the engine was laid on its side. It differs from the vertical version by its suspension, manifolds, pan and some parts of the lubrication system. We add that the motor is equipped with an automatic control and oil top-up device, with a tank in half the volume of the system - the driver in a white shirt and tie does not have to cast a shadow on the reputation of the Mercedes to open the hood even because of such a trifle.

With the rear-engine layout, the radiator is also located nearby, in the rear overhang. For the sake of compactness it was placed longitudinally, having carved out a place for a huge silencer of the Eberspacher company - silence also requires sacrifice. For interior heating and engine preheating, the cooling system includes a powerful liquid heater Webasto-Thermo 300 or, on request, Thermo-350. There are electric heating filters and fuel inlets in both tanks. By the way, “Mercedes” diesel engines with individual mini-fuel injection pumps, individual for each cylinder, are famous for their efficiency, and the stock of 415 liters of diesel fuel is more than 1, 500 kilometers long - just right for our open spaces.

The transmission is typical of a European bus. Single-plate clutch with a diaphragm drawbar, hydraulic drive with pneumatic booster, single hypoid main gear. A good six-speed gearbox - gear ratios from 8.17 to 1.0, and in traffic jams you can crawl, and on the track set the speedometer arrow to “110”. Electronically-pneumatic control of the gearbox went to more expensive modifications - for Russia it was just the “mechanics” on the air-powered cables. And a retarder, mandatory for a bus of this class, is a transmission hydraulic retarder. Here he is from the Voith company, which is known in our country for automatic gearboxes, the production of which is established in Kazan.

In world practice, buses are increasingly using front independent suspension. Mercedes back in the 70s was one of the first to equip its tourist series with it. At "Inturo" it is electronically controlled, pneumatic, two-cylinder, pivot, on double wishbones with anti-roll bar. The rear is simpler, structurally similar to the "Ikarusnaya". Two welded longitudinal beams, at the edges along the pneumatic balloon and shock absorber, reactive rods on silent blocks.

Brakes - disc, ventilated, electronically controlled, of course, with ABS and ASR. Recall, they are helped by a retarder and a motor brake.


The body frame is welded in Germany, on the stocks of the plant in Ulm, phosphate and primer in the same place. And then it is taken by rail along the route of the famous "Orient Express" to Istanbul, where it is painted, glued glass, units are hung and assembled completely.

The body of the "Inturo" is made for a long life. All steel panels, wheel arches, steps are galvanized. Luggage hatches, engine compartment lid, bumpers, front panel - that is, everything below the molding - is made of fiberglass, only some service hatches got aluminum. And the puff pastry “pie” was prepared excellent, from the best ingredients.

But the concepts of "profitability", "durability", "resource" are operated by operators, and passengers are more interested in comfort and safety. New chairs also meet these requirements. They are comfortable, with all the necessary adjustments, and set so that the knees of a tall passenger do not support the back of the front seat. In addition, equipped with tables and seat belts. It offers passengers air conditioning, refrigerator, kitchenette with coffee maker, toilet. Electronics allows you to listen to a guide, music or watch a movie - two televisions are installed in front and in the middle of the cabin - visible to everyone except the driver. He has another "screen" - the road …

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