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| Engine 1832

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He still stands in the trading floor, and everyone who stops his gaze almost falls into shock. Not because it is something huge and unique, but out of bewilderment: is it possible that this royal kind of colossus will descend to travel along roads where "mere mortals" scurry about? And is she capable of this in principle? .. If “in principle”, then she must!

With a nonchalant look (they say, you haven’t seen anyone like that), I drive, and in my temple I’m struggling: will I lift this charm weighing 350 kg from the side fence? Oddly enough, the lift was not so difficult. You can start the engine.

Now I know: a 6-cylinder engine cannot be bad. And nothing compares with the smoothness of his work and elasticity. Tell me another motorcycle that would equally easily accelerate in top gear from 30 to 180 km / h. “It cannot be!” You say. And I thought the same, but the boxer “six” allows you to do such tricks here! We must pay tribute to the power supply system PGM-F1, which came here from the world of high speeds of Formula 1: it works smoothly and "correctly." Plus incredible torque of 16.7 N.m, power 118 liters. with. Well this is not even a locomotive - a locomotive depot! On the other hand, the engine is very fast and playful or something, it’s not at all that you would “drive” it at high speeds … Anyone who rode a motorcycle will first fall in love with the engine, and only after that will pay tribute to everything else: he absolutely stable on the highway, maneuverable, it has excellent brakes and more.