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Bull Anabolics


Video: Bull Anabolics

Video: Bull Anabolics
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Bull Anabolics
Bull Anabolics

Do not think that they started pumping Gallardo without the knowledge of the bosses of the Italo-German company. On the contrary, the main direction in design and engineering solutions was set from the headquarters of Lamborghini. There they approved the final training project.

The standard model was called the "baby." True, the surname came to the rescue - Lambo. It’s not easy to imagine that under this nickname the tuning version will go. For her, it is better to choose something more serious and sonorous. Miura Gallardo is fine.

The company has developed carbon body parts that are consistent with the proportions given by maestro Fabrizio Giugiaro (oh Giugiaro!). These are front and rear spoilers, a wing, side panels, a diffuser, and linings. The theme of carbon is continued in the interior, where the panels are replaced by carbon fiber, made by hand.

Immediately after the start of parts sales, Miura Corse added a stainless steel sports exhaust system and composite rims with a diameter of 19 and 20 inches to the list. A motor kit is being prepared for release, which includes parts of the fuel cooling system, MC motronic injection, a carbon-fiber air filter housing and a sports catalyst. All this brings Gallardo closer to Murcielago's "big brother."

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