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Catch-up Game


Video: Catch-up Game

Video: Catch-up Game
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Catch-up Game
Catch-up Game

With Tchaikovsky quality

Even now it’s noticeable how powerful and fast the car is. It is easy to imagine what was happening in 1982 when the model came off the assembly line. On roads, there simply wasn’t any speed equal to her.

31013rd can be considered the most original example of factory tuning. It is clear that in 1982 GAZ specialists did not hear such a word, but the phenomenon itself existed: for example, factory workers had to collect a limited batch of Victories for special services, with large powerful motors, and later the 23rd based on the 21st Volga . It was then that the name “catching up” appeared, expressing exactly the purpose of the machine. Later, when the plant switched to the production of “civilian” “twenty-fours,” a special workshop still conjured “werewolves”. The peak of their evolution was the Volga GAZ-31013 based on the 3102nd.

One can speak with pride about the “catch-up”. She surpassed even the famous Mercedes-Benz E500, which appeared much later! Moreover, both in terms of engine size and distance from the “grandparent”: the closest relative of the Stuttgart “werewolf” is the 320th, and ours is the Volga with a 2.4 engine. The volume of the engine ZMZ-505.10 is 5.53 liters! Of course, the return was more modest than the Mers - 195 hp. at 4000 rpm, but what a moment - 405 N.m at 2200–2500 rpm! And Porsche engineers did not take the slightest part in the creation of our car, unlike the "500th".

Similarities with the usual 3102s were sought intentionally, "so that no one would guess." Nevertheless, after the appearance of these cars on the roads, many began to recognize them. Traffic cops were especially quick to adapt: the trained eye of the guard immediately noticed the special communications antennas “Kavkaz”, landing a little lower, two exhaust pipes at the stern. Some specimens, however, masked especially carefully, removing two exhaust paths into one pipe. And in order to completely bother their heads, they left three pedals, as in the usual Volga, although the car had an automatic transmission. In technical terms, a 3-range torque converter with a 2.35 ratio is a truly reliable unit. True, terribly difficult to repair - the body was designed for a regular box. To remove the automatic transmission, the mechanics had to show miracles of resourcefulness.

Cars were assembled manually: the bodies (with additional vibration and noise isolation) were tinted, painted according to Tchaikovsky technologies - with several layers of enamel and varnish … Small-scale production made it possible to equip special vehicles with all kinds of additional equipment. All had power steering, and some had air conditioning and power windows.

Alexei, the current owner of the “catch-up”, claims that he had the opportunity to purchase the most sophisticated car, but he bought this one - he liked it. Naturally, these cars were not freely traded: after the Union collapsed, they were still on the balance sheet of the 9th KGB Directorate (later the FSB). But when the special services no longer had to carefully “encrypt” and the opportunity to transfer to foreign cars appeared, the cars began to be sold. One of Alexey’s closest relatives just held a high post in the “nine” - well …

Now the car is the hallmark of Alexei and his friend and business associate Eugene.

Soon after the purchase, the car brought surprises: the engine had to be sorted out, with great difficulty getting parts at foreign prices; constantly knocks out a candle; Power Steering only buzzes, drives the oil through the tank and does not strengthen anything …

Three for behavior

Especially on slippery roads. It is noticeable that the car requires skillful driving - careless pressing the gas pedal easily breaks the car into a skid. Our hero didn’t put the stove in the trunk and once regretted it when he was spun on a slippery track. Thank God, everything worked out.

A friend of Yevgeny also became acquainted with the insidious disposition of the car when Alexey got behind the wheel of his wife’s car, and a friend - behind the steering wheel of a “catch-up”. We drove a couple, Alex felt something was wrong - 31013-I began to quickly move away. Now he speaks with a laugh: “I was still thinking: Zhenya is completely crazy, I’m about to take off!” I couldn’t catch the Volga (and Alexey was driving a 2-liter Nissan Primera GT). And the friend did not react to signals either. The car stopped abruptly when it seemed that disaster could no longer be avoided - on a steep turn. Later it turned out that the throttle jammed, which it was possible to close, only having hit the pedal a hundred times.

And still, Alexey likes the car. He likes it so much that he did not give in to the temptation to give it for $ 7500. “You need such a cow yourself,” Alexey smiles slyly.

Alexei loves his car for a smooth, quiet movement, for impressiveness (the downstream neighbors are still shying away from the black Volga). For the originality - SSU remained in the car and there are several other interesting devices, for example, the power unit resuscitation button (Alexey asked not to reveal the secret). But the most important thing, of course, is potential. It is felt that even at a speed of one hundred, the engine runs at only a quarter of the power and is able at any moment to demonstrate the greatness of Soviet industry.

There is not a lot of amateur tuning in the car: wheels on alloy wheels, rear-view mirrors, power windows, gas shock absorbers Monroe … Alexei believes that it will still not be possible to surpass the engineers of the plant, so there will be no interference in the design, and the machine will not be small with time and so will grow - after all, it was bought only a year ago.

Aleksey did not escape the fascination with fashion drag racing: he started several times paired with sports cars and came first. But he honestly says that he refused a bet with Subaru Impreza WRX STI: it has all-wheel drive and the correct weight distribution, while the “catch-up” has a heavy “face” and a light ass. Yes, and not for this car.



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