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200 scooter

Year of issue

| Engine 198

| Top speed

| Weight

| Estimated price


The convenient shape of the saddle, which forms a classic fit with a slight inclination of the body forward, a wide and obedient steering wheel, a “glove box” of automobile sizes - all this inspires confidence in a scooter, although I am still standing nearby. I see that the rear-view mirrors are also thoughtfully located: they are placed far ahead and just below the level of the driver’s eyes. In practice, I know this is convenient: a cursory glance is enough to “scan” the situation behind. However, if you do not adjust the “angle of attack” of the mirrors, you will not be able to orient equally well in the city and on the highway: “dead zones” will arise.

Atlantic "looks." This is not only an emotional assessment, but also purely practical: it is noticeable from afar. Including in the dark. Huge lighting fixtures - two headlamps and large taillights integrated into the stern shine powerfully. And the dashboard gives the crew comfort and at the same time distinctly, clearly reports a bunch of useful information. You will appreciate the fact that the additional indicator lamp signals: did not remove the center or side stand! I note right away that a girl can also install or remove a scooter from them. But if it’s completely “lazy”, you can use the side stand.

Wandering around the Atlantic around the city is a pleasure. You don’t feel its weight at all - you completely surrender to the movement.