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Very Important Buses

Very Important Buses
Very Important Buses

All equipment is demonstrated on the example of the new Viano. He is already quite good: he walks like a passenger Mercedes, he is respectfully treated, and comfort in the cabin has no equal. In general, a car. But Brabus offers somewhere to add something (for an appropriate fee, of course). Here, for example, to bring the power of the V6 engine with a volume of 3.8 liters to 221 kW (300 hp). Torque will increase to 393 N * m, which for the driver will result in an even more responsive nature of the motor, and for passengers - smooth movement and noise reduction. And what is the acceleration? It really looks powerful - 7.5 seconds to 100 km / h.

We intend to remain silent about fuel consumption. Naturally, it is quite large, but German engineers report within reason. And if you want to save, take the diesel Viano 2.2 CDI. For him, Brabus has a tuning program D3 (II). Work with the turbine turns 370 N * m and 177 hp (against 150 standard). The diesel accelerates, of course, weaker - in 10.6 seconds.

In addition to motor tuning, the company proposes to equip the minivan with a special stainless steel exhaust system with chrome mufflers. With the usual black body, it combines just fine.

They especially took care of the image: it became even more solid (although, it seemed, much more?) And at the same time sporty. The front part was decorated with xenon lens headlights, two pairs of round fog lights and a small spoiler. The entrance is lit by a chain of LEDs - so that your feet do not get dirty in the dark. Wheel arches are expanded, overlays are established.

The sporty look is undoubtedly complemented by Monoblock IV alloy wheels. They were specially made in the size of Viano and Vito - 8.5 inches wide. But the diameter is not particularly striking - 18 inches. Tires - traditional Pirelli 245 / 45ZR18.

A multipurpose car should have a special, perfect suspension, according to German engineers. To get into the bullseye, they decided to leave quite reliable and comfortable standard shock absorbers, and replace the springs. They increase the clearance by 30 mm in front and 20 in the back.

The salon is customized in accordance with the wishes of a particular client, but even here the tuners have a certain “base” - leather upholstery made of especially soft and “breathing” Brabus Mastik leather, an ergonomic steering wheel, door buttons and footrests made of aluminum, numerous illuminated company logos. Apart - a special Brabus table, ideal for tea drinking, and for working with a pen and paper.

The entertainment and business package of this high-speed office on wheels is crowned by 14-inch LCD monitors integrated in the headrests.

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