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Two Years Probation


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Video: Two Years Probation

Video: Two Years Probation
Video: The upside to a two-year probation period? 2023, April
Two Years Probation
Two Years Probation


According to the law * a car as a durable goods must have a certain quality. That is, to serve the set time without fail. If something happens, the manufacturer will fix the problem at his own expense. This is the guarantee. However, the owner still pays for a possible marriage - in advance, when buying a car. After all, the manufacturer lays the cost of repairs in the cost of the product.

For eliminating the identified shortcomings (by repair or replacement) at VAZ, a special service is responsible (directorate for organizing the supply of cars, spare parts and maintenance). At her disposal is the service station, now referred to as PSSS (a company of a service-sales network).

The list, addresses and phone numbers of enterprises certified by AvtoVAZ for warranty service in Russia are indicated in Appendix No. 1 to the warranty card. And in Appendix No. 2 there is information about the base centers authorized to make a decision on replacing a defective car. You can find the latest version of the list on the Internet at:

Since December 1, 2002 AvtoVAZ established a guarantee of the European level - 24 months or 35 thousand kilometers. At the same time, a new warranty card appeared. The document is protected from forgery by a holographic sign and contains all the necessary information about the vehicle, seller and buyer. The plant can now track the status of each vehicle. Without a customer coupon, not a single service station will take it. But to conclude with them the now fashionable additional bilateral agreement is not necessary. It’s easy to understand the interest of servicemen: it’s very profitable to tie the owner of a new car to your station. After all, they can set the cost of the standard hour on their own and, of course, are not small. The buyer, seduced by a three-year warranty period and discounts on certain services (evacuation, rental, etc.), will be obligated to perform maintenance only at home, they will introduce restrictions (fees) on part of the warranty work. So that the client could not sneak to the side, they will withdraw the warranty card. Only business is voluntary.

Those who disagree should be aware: certified service stations do not have the right to refuse warranty service to the client only on the basis of the absence of an agreement. It's illegal! The main thing is to comply with the rules set out in the car manual. Then, it seems, consumer rights will be reliably protected. Is it really? Sitting on the editorial VAZ 2115, we visited several warranty service stations. Fortunately, this device will provide a reason for appeal at any time.


The OJSC “Strogino-Lada” picks up the phone immediately, but the conversation is postponed for forty-five minutes - at the station, lunch is until 13.30. Having strengthened themselves, the parties agreed to meet in a couple of days at 8.00.

Neither light nor dawn, having overcome the first ice, we find ourselves in front of the shut up door of the administrative building "Strogino-Lada". Artisans, like conspirators, penetrate the station through the side gates. Having settled down in the tail, we slip inward past the sleepy guard. Behind the checkout counter there is darkness, on the couch for clients four in working overalls argue enthusiastically, quit or wait for them. At twenty minutes after eight, two ladies appear - the dispatcher and the cashier.

- We will not service under warranty!

“We're by appointment!”

“So what, by appointment?” The station was sold yesterday, we have a war, pickets all night!

Meanwhile, work in the rear is in full swing. Sinks gush, buzz lifts buzz, wrench wrenches. But all this is for cash. We are evacuated without a slap in the morning. And we are not alone. Strogino-Lada is the only base center in Moscow where it has the right to decide on a car replacement. Where to go to their owners? A month later, they returned to abandoned positions: it turned out that the front was unchanged. Will the war write everything off?


OJSC Severyanin-AvtoVAZ welcomes customers. And they are doing everything to meet with them as often as possible. When we wanted to get rid of the creak of the clutch pedal, the "northerners" willingly went to meet us. The procedure preceding the repair is traditional: telephone recording, paperwork, an hour and a half queue for washing, a two-hour wait for a free lift and, finally, a defect diagnosis. The first two times we were out of luck. The culprit was erroneously recognized (and replaced!) By the clutch cable. On the next visit, they tried to overcome the defect by lubricating all available compounds with Litol and penetrating liquid. Did not help. Then the legend was born about the missing sleeve axis of the pedal assembly. With that, we were led, advising us to buy and deliver a cheap piece on our own. However, inspection at the technical center of the ZR showed that the car is equipped with the necessary parts. I had to apply for the fourth time. Realizing that we just can’t get rid of us, the warranty engineer gave the command to remove the gearbox. After about forty minutes a malfunction got out: the clutch release bearing stuck on the guide sleeve. The clutch was replaced complete with a clutch release. And so that the story does not happen again, the “specialist” added freedom to the sleeve … by slightly loosening its fasteners! Artful move! And he got rid of the creak, and the screws, one must think, until the end of the guarantee will not fall off. And then - welcome to a paid repair. The smart wizard was not left without encouragement. Finally, we still billed 130 rubles for the clutch diagnostics.


It was not necessary to wait a long time until the VAZ 2115 was ganging again. No sooner had the clutch creaks subsided, the car began to twitch when moving. On time - there will be something to turn to Lublino-Lada LLP.

At first, everything went like clockwork. A polite, patient and sensible dispatcher suggested arriving at any day convenient for us. The warranty master thoroughly asked about the reasons for the visit, checked the papers and wrote out an order for diagnostics. The guard amicably lifted the barrier, letting them into the workshop … past the sink! How so - the car is at least new, but dirty. A mechanic will fall on the wing - it will scratch. It’s good that before the first touch we managed to drape the paint with our own bathrobe. The greasy ace in the overalls of the grandfather tanker first thing with his bare hands (!) Pulled the wire from the candle. Wow, and discharge did not shy away from him. Apparently, the resistance is high. And I would have understood for a long time that it is impossible to check the ignition for a spark with a working injection engine! There is a diagnostic tool and special probes for this. Not even an hour, the ignition module will burn, and it costs a thousand and a half. Having experienced "sparkling", but not having the desired result, the mechanic pulled out the DST-2M instrument and probe from the zashnik. A few minutes later the module's fault was ascertained. We did not replace it: a malfunction was required for the following revisions. This news shook the specialist stronger than 24 kV - he had never seen such abnormal ones …


The enterprises of Eleks-Polyus Service LLC, Incom-Lada OJSC, Picard-Service LLC (aka Lada-Favorit) and Eleks-Polyus Center LLC are precisely the same service stations where they prefer to agree tête-à-tête with the client, and then quietly serve yourself for good. Of course, each on its own terms, not the essence of them. The main thing is that “foreign” customers are illegally denied warranty repairs.

"Pikarovets" directly slashed: they say, do not care where the plant wrote you there, we normally have $ 20, where they did THAT, go there! In "Eleks" hesitated for about twenty minutes: they say, anyway, something will come out, you will probably have to pay. And having learned that we had only cashless, joyfully kicked off the accounting department to conclude a prepayment agreement. In general, they are not afraid to break the law. Does AvtoVAZ know about this?


If you decide to use warranty repairs, adhere to the following scheme:

contact the service station in writing, register the application. If they refuse, send by registered mail;

make sure that entries are made in the service book at the end of the work: which ones, by whom, when; list of replaced parts; Signatures printing, etc. Warranty for work performed lasts 6 months;

a refusal to carry out any work, draw up in writing, requiring that the reasons be entered in the service book;

according to the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights, " the service station should begin to eliminate deficiencies immediately after treatment;

the term of the order with the normative labor intensity of work is up to 2 standard hours - during one work shift; up to 8 standard hours - up to three days. The maximum period is 10 days;

having copies of the service station request and the refusal in the service book to carry out work, you can go to court or complain in the name of the director of AvtoVAZtekhobsluzhivaniya (445043, Togliatti, Yuzhnoye Shosse, 115, PO Box 1756, director for the organization of deliveries of cars, spare parts and technical service).

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