For example, Renault Megane II, which only recently appeared in the salons of Russian dealers, has already managed to acquire a fashionable Belgian body kit, emphasizing the futuristic exterior.

Carzone is also welcomed by less “fresh” models, constantly updating the assortment of parts for aftermarket cars. And it is doubly pleasant.

Recently, the Belgians have released a series of new sets of aerodynamic pads, including "whales" for the popular Ford Escort and Seat Ibiza.

I would not want to repeat the banal phrases about how “herbivorous” cars through simple operations turn into real predators, but other words are simply difficult to find. With Carzone body kits, both cars acquire the image of sports cars. True, the volume of work with cars, despite its ingenuousness, is quite large: it is not enough to correctly install all these spoilers, overlays, wing and skirts. Everything needs to be painted in body color, to choose the "right" wheels, exhaust pipes and other surroundings.