Mind in translation is precisely "mind." F500 is a true mobile laboratory for testing numerous technical lotions that have accumulated in the company's bins. Appearance is also "laboratory." An unusual middle stand here is in the singular and is located right in the middle of the cabin, propping up the glass roof! Doors swing open “to taste” - at least in the direction of travel, at least against, at least towards each other. But if these innovations take root, it will not be soon: well, how will the rear passenger take and break into an exclusive “column”?

Other developments have much more chances. The console is decorated with a multifunctional display, which displays information about the operation of all on-board systems, and the menu can be controlled by voice, without being distracted from the helm. Feedback - through directional ultrasound: only the driver will hear messages from the electronic navigator. Why should passengers worry about double or triple speed? With a hybrid drive and a 250-horsepower diesel engine, it’s not a sin to misbehave …

The Night Vision system also entered the squad of prospective subjects. A pair of infrared emitters “illuminates” the terrain for 150 meters and transmits the image to the same display. The electronic pedal unit, of course, is not a revelation, but the space in the legs adds noticeably. Ergonomics of the driver's seat are generally thought out to the smallest detail. Take at least the dashboard: the indicators are covered with a translucent mirror and the driver can, say, lay one on top of the other, and completely remove the third over the horizon.