If you look, the Oka is a great object for tuning: after all, this is the most affordable front-wheel drive, in which you can modify almost everything from the engine to the interior. But all tuning usually comes down to installing 13-inch wheels, enlarged rear-view mirrors and tinted windows. It is a pity that most owners of small cars see in their cars only a purely utilitarian means of transportation. However, there are other examples. One of them tells the owner of the Oka Nizhny Novgorod Rustam Askarov.

- I wanted to buy a small but attractive car for city driving. Our child is still small, so my wife and I would have had enough of a double car. I liked Smart, but the price! In addition, the almost complete lack of spare parts and service was embarrassing. As a result, I had to opt for the VAZ-1113 - as they say, cheap and … cheap. We decided that the most successful color for the machine is yellow. They bought one.

Knowing well the Oka and figuring out in advance what I needed to modify, I immediately started tuning the car.

In Togliatti, he found Nikita Matyukhin’s Nika studio, which developed a kit for the “okushek”. The series of these parts was very small, but I was lucky to get one kit. After installation, the car immediately became different - more modern, similar to Japanese minicars. In its original form, no one noticed it, but after styling they began to look off - a rarity!

Remember the standard "okushkiny" mirrors? What do you see in them? To improve visibility (and appearance), he set mirrors with large optical elements and heating. However, this was probably one of the cheapest modifications to the car. And one of the most useful. In any case, I am very satisfied.

In Nizhny Novgorod, I found a company that produces seats for the Oka on the basis of the "eight" frames. Plus this exclusive - you could order any upholstery, which I did by choosing black and yellow velor. At the same time, the masters dragged the door cards with the same material. It turned out pretty. With such seats, the dashboard immediately "got bored." And the devices themselves are not enough. In addition, the console and the glove compartment would not hurt. The most affordable offer in all respects was the luxury panel with six-piece devices. They set her up. A console was mounted on the console showing open doors, unfastened belts and other additional information - nothing, but nice. True, there are only two doors to the Oka …

It has become easier to place an audio system that just asks for a new salon. I have “music” without frills, but in “Oka” it sounds good. The “head” (Pioneer CD player) and acoustics are in the doors and on the sides of the sofa.

Comfort has already appeared in the typewriter, but she drove the same way - without a spark. Gradually began to change parts, trying to buy imports. I bought and put Monroe shock absorbers - the stroke became softer, the rebound easier. Kraft clutch helps to feel the powertrain better. In Cartuning, he ordered a wide-phase camshaft, replaced the carburetor with a modified one, and set a low-resistance filter at the inlet. It is difficult to say how much strength has increased, but according to the sensations, the motor began to work softer, and the machine

I went a little more fun. True, I began to love gasoline more, but I was ready for this: after motor tuning, I installed gas equipment of the domestic company GiK. Very pleased with the result.

He traveled with his wife to Europe. Yes, there were such pages in my Oka biography. You can say, drove half the continent. You see, they even got to the Eiffel Tower. And we had almost no problems all the way. It is unlikely that our trip would have turned out so successful if we had been with a “kerosene” engine. Still, gas in Europe costs 30 cents (in the units we are familiar with), and gasoline cannot be approached.

And about the costs of all this tuning. Styling and acoustics cost 4 thousand dollars. Additional equipment - another 2 thousand. Of course, this is a lot, but the same Smart is much more expensive. Could he replace the Oka? This is a question …

Of course, I would like to change the engine. Rover 1.3 is very expensive - about a thousand dollars the engine and gearbox itself, four more per installation. There is an alternative - the unit from Daewoo Matiz (such "okushki" already exist), but so far such alterations are not certified. Very interesting is the Ukrainian 60-strong MeMZ. I know for sure that several such cars were made at KamAZ. But still, the new motor is too expensive a pleasure. This is not "music" …