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Lancia thesis



Someone finds this "Lancia" slightly similar either to today's Maybach, or to Italian cars of the second half of the last century, but not one will probably say that the Thesis imitates something. The machine is original, if you will - recognizable in a square.

The thesis is rather big. It is five centimeters longer and one and a half kilograms heavier than its main competitors: the same BMW 5 Series and the Cadillac-CTS presented in this issue. Did this affect the dynamic qualities of Lancia? Yes. But for the close attention of others, something needs to be paid.


A person who has given 65 thousand dollars for a vehicle should not bother with anything, therefore there are not many electricians and electronics in a solid car. The driver's seat seems to have seven adjustments, including an electric drive for the headrest and lumbar support. Of course - the memory of several settings, different heating power. There are two steering column adjustments - also with servo. The "Lanchi" is not quite familiar - a convenient, but still not Italians invented electronic handbrake with automatic on and off. The driver, of course, can use it himself by pressing the big button. She was placed in the usual place, behind the lever of the box, and, slightly hidden, protected from accidental pressing. Automatically, the machine will stand on the handbrake if you hold the brake pedal for a long time, and it will be removed when you move the selector to the “drive” position and press the accelerator.

Of course, no one will be surprised that the trunk lock is electric. You can open it with three buttons: on the trunk lid, from the passenger compartment and from the key fob.

The rear sunshade curtain rises and falls with one of two buttons: either on the central tunnel under the driver’s right hand, or inside the central armrest, which lowers from the back of the rear seat. In general, wherever you decide to hide behind a curtain, its button is at hand. The same applies to climate control and even … to the adjustment of the front seats. If the person sitting on the back right wants to stretch their legs, he can independently push forward the front right seat - with a button in the rear armrest.

All doors have electric locks - there are only buttons on the external handles. The headlight washer works funny. To make way for water jets, a small shiny element of an almost triangular shape is automatically bent from the bumper. It looks like the headlights of some sports cars coming out of the hood.

Unusual for our drivers, the SOS button on the panel. If a SIM card is inserted in the car with the built-in Hands-free system, when you press the “wonderful” button, it will give a distress signal.

And here's another, well, a very strange thing - the button of the electric lock of the glove box. Come up with the same!


The ride quality of “Thesis” still interested us more than the total number of servos, adjustments, buttons and remotes. Will it show Italian temperament or will it become the big sedan? Will the driver want to drive with pleasure or move comfortably?

At first, the sensations could not be "put together." On the one hand, the comfortable suspension settings are obvious, on the other, as they say, "there is a reaction - it will go." We experiment again and again at different speeds when moving in a straight line and serpentine.

The steering at the “Lancia” is quite sensitive, although, of course, not the same as that of the more temperamental “Italians” from the lower grades. With a calm, not very fast ride, the car is obedient. With increasing speed, he tries to stay comfortable as long as possible. For example, at 160–170 km / h an experienced driver will have no difficulties on a good road. You will have to get further, but having passed the "200" mark, you are unlikely to doubt the ability of the car to hold the road.

Continuing to study the habits of the Lancia, we will slow down to a reasonable speed and begin to maneuver. With rather intensive rearrangements in the reactions, delays appear: this is the price paid for a comfortable suspension setup. But let us repeat once again - we are talking about relatively small delays, not about "slackness."

Riding along the serpentine, drew attention to the fact that, despite the "unambitious" handling, in extreme modes the car does not make you worry. Including due to the system of exchange rate stability, which brakes one or several wheels and stabilizes the car (with simultaneous damping of speed) earlier than the driver’s blood adrenaline rises. However, thrill-seekers have the right to turn off electronic brains by clicking on the appropriate button.


No wonder we started with rideability. Now, in a conversation about the engine, gearbox and other important components of the car, it seems to us that it will not be difficult to understand its essence.

In addition to the undercarriage, which does not give in to a sharp ride, but loves a measured one, the Lancia has a motor that can accelerate it to an impressive speed, but prefers not a sports one, but a usual one. The machine, as we have already noted, is heavy, and the engine power is slightly less than that of the closest competitors of the same volume. But if you open the hood and look at the power unit - beauty! Do not consider it as ernism - the picture of the engine compartment “Lancia” really pleases the eye of a sophisticated motorist, and this is important for many. At least, an obvious counterbalance has been created for those one and a half to two seconds in acceleration to hundreds, which in everyday life we ​​still do not use.

Together with an automatic transmission (with manual shift function), the power unit turned out to be well adapted for driving “half pedal”. At the same time, switching is almost imperceptible, acceleration is smooth, silence is inside. Tires with a 50 percent profile hold the road well, but they begin to inform about uneven coverage after 100–120 km / h. The baritone of the engine is felt after 3–3.5 thousand revolutions.

The cabin is comfortable at home. There is no feeling of rigidity - on the contrary, everything is quite “plush”. However, these are the subjective impressions of the author, and the objective reality is in the photo.

The seats are soft enough and hold … no, rather, they gently hold the driver. The back is not very large headroom, but spacious to the knees. Width in conditional passenger seats would be determined by the number 2.85. If you sit together, on the edges you feel big soft pillows (see photo) - like in old leather chairs.

Of the pleasant things that have not yet been said, we note the supply of cold air to the drawer located in the right armrest of the driver, an integrated navigation system, a six-disc CD changer, of course, an on-board computer, cruise control, and almost all of this is controlled from the steering wheel.

You can set your own speed limit, after exceeding which in the cabin you will hear annoying clicking. Of course, the side mirrors are folded by a servo-driver (but without automatic equipment), the right outside when reversing slightly lowers, showing the curb, and at the bottom of the same mirrors there are light bulbs - those who leave the car in the dark should not stumble or, sorry, get into a mess. There is a rain sensor, automatic lighting at dusk. Eight airbags are installed on the car, a fire system - in general, there are plenty of amenities. This configuration is called Executive and costs 57, 000 euros (about $ 65, 000). True, our car was equipped with more expensive: an electrician in the control of seats, steering wheel and some other little things add 1700 euros to the indicated amount, and the CD changer - 460. But these are already details.

There is a complete set of Emblema. Here for 62, 000 euros there will be everything - plus xenon headlights, tinted windows, and so on. You can’t forbid to live beautifully.

Nevertheless, the main "thesis" here is not in the abundance of comfortable things, not in power, especially not in price. For a car of the European E-class, where the "Lancia Thesis" belongs, which also does not pretend to be popular, charm is important. Better than one in ten to fall in love with her and buy, than all ten will say “good” and pass by.

Lancia thesis

The Lancia Thesis debuted in Frankfurt in 2001, replacing the Lancia Kappa model.

Only sedans with gasoline engines of 2.4 liters, 20 cells, 125 kW / 170 liters are available. with.; 2.0 liter supercharged, 20 cells, 136 kW / 185 liter with.; 3.0 liters, 24 cells., 158 kW / 215 liters. with. and a 2.4 liter turbodiesel, 110 kW / 150 liters. with.

In Russia, cars are delivered only with a 3-liter engine in the complete sets Executive (from 57 thousand euros) and Emblema (from 62 thousand euros).

The cabin is quite comfortable and, as it seemed to the author, “plush”.

Remember the cozy grandmother's chairs?

A six-disc CD changer in the glove compartment.

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