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Real Protection In Arbitrary Units


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Real Protection  In Arbitrary Units
Real Protection In Arbitrary Units



You explain, tell, refer to various publications - and in your eyes you see the same question: “And which of these anti-theft is good?”

People are accustomed to trust quantitative estimates: they say that four stars are always better than two - for the hotel, for the cognac … The Laboratory of Testing of the Central Administration of Central Administration of the Federal Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also has such information - moreover, professionals are ready to share it with everyone. Today we’ll talk about mechanical locks.

In general, experts identify four indicators of the effectiveness of such devices. First they study the design of the product, the material used, the production method, etc. Then they evaluate the level of the tool necessary for the “victory” - read, for breaking such a lock. A separate item is the cracker qualifications required for this job. And the fourth indicator affects the way the device is mounted on a car - by the way, for different models of cars, these methods can be very different from each other. It is clear that linking all these indicators together is not easy at all - that’s why testers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs use the concept of “quality factor”. It is measured in … arbitrary units!

The price, of course, plays an important role in assessing the “talents” of the blocker, but the mentioned units are very different from the banking ones. It takes the minimum time for which you can open the lock, then it is multiplied by the cost of the tool used for opening, and is divided by the cost of the lock itself - it's simple. Of course, such a criterion cannot be called integral: it does not take into account either ease of use or installation complexity - however, it certainly gives a general idea of ​​the product. From a formal point of view, the dimension of a conventional unit corresponds to a minute, however, it is clear that it cannot be measured by a stopwatch alone. And you don’t need to bother yourself: the higher the quality factor, the better the device - that's all.

The blockers in question today are four groups of products - depending on what they are blocking. The first group “captures” the steering shaft of the car, the second - the most “modest” - prefers the wheel, the third - the largest - does not allow the gearbox to work, and the fourth “interferes” with the steering rods and the steering wheel itself. In total, 23 mechanical interlocks were tested - the results are summarized in the table.

Out of competition were products of the first group. By the average value of the quality factor, such blockers were significantly ahead of the rest - and this despite the fly in the ointment in the form of a frankly failing “multilokovskoy” design with the lowest quality factor! The victory was achieved mainly through the efforts of two "guarantors" and the "Viking", which, incidentally, has absolutely the best indicator. The owner can install almost all the products of the group on the machine independently - only Dragon manufacturers who recommend using the services of a service center do not agree with this.

"Silver" winners behind the "gold" as much as they themselves overtook the "bronze". Wheel blockers of stars from the sky were not enough, but in terms of combination of properties they honestly took the second place. Note their main drawback, which remains behind the scenes, is the extremely inconvenient use. There is a plus - such products are always "ready to use", without requiring special installation work.

Transmission blockers cannot complain about fate - the image of almost the “coolest” people has strengthened behind them. But in vain - they have nothing to brag about: the cost is high, theft resistance is low. The Taiwanese Sentry turned out to be the leader of this group, compensating for the known shortcomings of such devices at an affordable price. An outsider is another “multilock”. In fairness, we note that the "Israeli" has no equal in terms of ease of use: the synthesis of electronics and mechanics does not require the driver almost no extra body movements. We also add that such devices need professional installation on a car.

The last turned out to be three devices that block the steering in different ways (the steering shaft, of course, does not count - they were in charge of the devices of the first group). The quality factor of such blockers is more than an order of magnitude inferior to the leader, and therefore it is not worth considering them seriously. Even the omnipotent correction for cheapness does not save: some of them are more expensive than “guarantors” and “Vikings”! Their only plus is that products of this kind do not need professional installation on the machine.

In ZR, 2003, No. 6, a classification of the tool used in opening such blockers was given. We briefly recall: it is conditionally divided into three categories, the highest - 3rd, the lowest - 1st. Tools of the 1st category are screwdrivers, wrenches and nails that are familiar to everyone. The tool of the 2nd category includes electric drills, detachable machines, professional kits for servicing safes, master keys, etc. And the tool of the 3rd category includes universal master keys and manipulators, fiber optic devices, chemical compositions and pyroelements - the development and manufacture of such accessories is carried out according to special orders in single copies. But this is aerobatics for more “cool” products: from the table it follows that all of the listed blockers can be defeated with the help of tools of the 1st and 2nd categories, and the most unsuccessful ones with the help of only the 1st one, for example hammer …

Note that the most … international, or something, are the blockers of the third group - manufacturers orient them to almost all cars of both domestic and foreign production. Of the leaders, the most omnivorous is the Garant Togliatti - in addition to its fellow countrymen, it collaborates with Muscovites, Volga, Daewoo, as well as with the Mercians and Volkswagen. The remaining locks are mainly designed exclusively for VAZ cars.


For those who do not want to study the published table, we suggest taking a look at the figure. The histogram shown reflects the Q factors both on average for groups and for individual leaders. Using these data is very simple - the more so beloved by us, “at. e.”, the better, of course. And the difference between the groups is very clear.

A separate topic of conversation is the convenience of using blockers. The "57" multilock model deserved the highest rating. Among the "good guys", we single out his compatriots of the "45", "50", "50 MUP", "52" and "53" models, as well as Defend Lock, " Dragon”, “Crabbe”, “Sentry”and“Bison”. All the steering shaft locks, as well as the “box-master” BLEK-1 and the outsiders Solex and Avtolok are slightly less convenient. We consider BLEK-5 to be uncomfortable, and Shark and Bulldog to the most uncomfortable. But both last representatives of the “fauna” do not need preliminary installation work at all - the same applies to Solex and Avtolok. Obligatory professional installation is required by all “korobochnik”, except “BLEK-1”, as well as the “Dragon” protecting steering shaft. All other products are designed for installation by the owner of the car.

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