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A Third Of A Foot Under The Keel


Video: A Third Of A Foot Under The Keel

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: The keel and other questions - SV Tapatya EP96 2023, January
A Third Of A Foot Under The Keel
A Third Of A Foot Under The Keel


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Peugeot 206



Peugeot 206

Manufacturer: PEUGEOT, FRANCE

Release year: 1999

In operation "DRIVING": since May 2003

Mileage at the time of the report: 38 thousand km

Previous journal publications:

2003, No. 6

The French live well! I had an accident, wrecked the car and, if I was alive and well, get insurance and buy a new one. Their law prohibits further operation of the machine if in an accident the power elements of the body were damaged. And there is no reason for this law that sometimes a small repair is needed. It is impossible! Such a car has one road - to a landfill. But if not in France, then in other countries it is very possible.

So our "Peugeot", having failed in his homeland, became a candidate for the secondhand. But fate gave him another chance to extend his life. Just at that time, a resourceful Lithuanian merchant sent an expedition to western Europe for wrecked cars - to buy something for repair and subsequent resale to Russia. For one and a half thousand dollars on his car carrier there was a place for the hero of our publications. (We later found a certificate about buying a car at a landfill near Paris in the glove compartment among a pile of papers.) The next stage of life was described in detail in ZR, 2003, No. 6, and now there are first impressions of the operation of the "almost new" Peugeot.


Now we can say with confidence that the operation to restore the machine was successful, although some points required additional intervention, but first things first.

The air conditioner, from the economy of which is freon-fueled to a minimum, still works without comment. The only unpleasant feature is that after a trip through the heat, condensation forms on the evaporator. The next time the air conditioner is turned on, the cold air from it carries the specific smell of a moldy cellar for some time. To deal with this is simple - just a few minutes before the end of the trip, turn off the freezing, leaving the ventilation to work. Warm street air will dry the condensate very quickly, and the next trip will be odorless.

After several hundred kilometers, the ear has sharpened quite accurately to track the noise and sort them according to the degree of potential danger. The roar of the left rear wheel bearing, initially hiding behind aerodynamic noises, was finally precisely direction-finding. The double-row tapered roller bearing, as it turned out, was slightly overtightened (was it tightened with a pipe, or what?), But it has not yet lost its functionality. Just barely yellowed rollers. But who knows how this has already affected its reliability, and there was a brand new SNR in stock, they put it on.

At the same time, the wheels were balanced - at high speed, the steering wheel trembled intrusively. Of the four discs, only one was “in the zeros”, two beats somehow fit into two millimeters, and one “walked” along the axis by as much as five! Despite the fact that the wheels are new, without the slightest trace of deformation and peeling paint. Only a car was changed in Lithuania. Tires indirectly confirm this: Pirelli 3000 front with 60% tread wear, Michelin rear with the same condition. Well, a relatively light and low-power car couldn’t grind tires for 24 thousand kilometers!

Having put the curved wheel with a disk on the block, they drove it with a sledgehammer into the tolerance field, tinted the traces of the application of force, and the problem of shaking the steering wheel disappeared.

And only now I was able to fully feel how light, obedient, comfortable and friendly this car is. Lithuanian repair, of course, is primarily aimed at giving the car a marketable appearance. This is quite suitable for the reseller - he doesn’t have to drive a car, and the buyer is unlikely to immediately find hack. We have already talked about first impressions, today we can add something.

At first, it was not possible to adjust the dipped headlights in any way - they were shining under the very hood, and the right one almost did not listen to the electrocorrector. In the summer, they somehow put up with it - the day was long, but on the eve of autumn, I had to deal with the light. It turned out that the plastic ball tip of the right electric drive was broken off and barely touches the socket in the optical element. Of course, they did not begin to buy a new drive because of such a trifle, but they screwed a self-tapping screw with a head turned into a ball into a stub. The length was selected according to the surviving details from the left headlight (see photo). It turned out even better than in the factory version. The lights moved synchronously, but still could not raise the border of light. It would be necessary to work with the mounts of the optics, and for this, remove the plastic front panel, the one on which the Peugeot emblem sparkles, otherwise you can’t get to them. But it was not there! The left edge of the panel was tightly glued to the body iron by cold welding. But the right barely rested on the only one of the two percussion caps. Outside, everything looked dignified and noble. Under the ears of both headlights, fingerprints of gaskets were guessed, but they themselves were not. It was not difficult to set the right headlight, but there was plenty of trouble on the left - not to break the panel. But they managed, having built a key with two cardan.

Exfoliated tape brush rear window. From domestic analogues managed to pick her a silicone replacement. And everything would be fine, even if they hit a color - like a car, it’s red, it just jumps on the glass, creaks as if with iron, and smears the dirt. "You would not chase, pop, for cheapness …" - Japanese "Napoleks" works perfectly.

Even before a full-time acquaintance with the car, one had to hear reviews of experts about the inconvenience of landing, engine weakness, lethargy in movement and other manifestations of the wretchedness of the small Peugeot. But no matter how I tried, I didn’t find anything like this: with a height of 186 cm and a weight of 100 kg, it’s quite convenient for me to drive, even after five or six hours of continuous driving, nothing fumes and does not break. The dynamics are quite satisfactory - 75 horsepower work smoothly and economically, providing acceleration no worse than that of the eight-valve “ten”. Despite the fact that on average, about seven liters of AI-92 leave for 100 kilometers of quite intense driving. Another half liter can eat air conditioning. And it’s not only a matter of economy - it’s nice to realize that the environmental damage is minimal. Those who are vital to leave the traffic light first should find another car.

It will not suit lovers of "wild" rest and users of III category roads. Ground clearance under the front bumper is only 110 mm! The rubber spoiler on it can forgive another inch and a half, but this is not enough for our roads. Official dealers sell cars already with East European clearance, but the buyer of the western second-hand should think about increasing it yourself. Or do not move out of the asphalt.

Steel pusher is much more reliable than plastic.

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