Fiat gingo

Crisis is a crisis, and the caravan is on - so you can rephrase a well-known proverb in relation to some manufacturers who have found themselves in difficult situations. FIAT stubbornly does not surrender to the grace of General Motors, the owner of a 20% stake in the Italian company, and is even going to start selling the new product, Jingo, in September. At the Geneva Motor Show of this heir, “Pandas” were shown as a concept. And now lovers of small forms can already "sign up" for the machine.

The manufacturers claim that “Jingo” managed to combine the incompatible: with a modest size, five European-built people were put in a car, and they took 200 l of luggage with them! But Italian (or rather, Polish, it is there that they will assemble the “Jingo”), the baby is not only remarkable for its thoughtful layout. It found application of innovations previously encountered only on models of higher classes. For example, the gearbox joystick was conveniently placed on the dashboard, the “Dual Drive” steering is switched from city to highway mode.

The most interesting version is with a 16-valve diesel engine with a volume of 1251 cm3; he develops 51 kW / 69 l. with. Torque is also considerable - 180 N.m at 1750 rpm. The new motor (its size is 500x650 mm) is called the most compact four-cylinder unit of the Common Rail system. And at the same time the most powerful in the class, the cleanest and even, as promised, the most reliable. The pressure in the fuel rail is 1400 bar, and in the cylinder reaches 160 bar. Multiphase injection ensures quiet and smooth operation of the motor.

Paired with an advanced diesel engine, an automated dual-gear gearbox is operating, allowing the driver to switch manually. Impressive equipment with active and passive safety systems: what other “dwarf” has six (!) Airbags, ABS, ESP, EBD (brake force distribution) systems? They promise to sell all this little luxury for 8500 euros at the base … Maybe the Italian concern will really get a second wind.