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Video: Choose A Fork
Video: Как выбрать мягкую вилку на MTB (How To choose MTB fork) 2023, June
Choose A Fork
Choose A Fork

Almost a year we live with you under the new code. Has anyone noticed anything? Well, yes, at first traffic cops slowed down less … But then they broke like a chain! And the red tape did not decrease in any way - even more. And we can talk endlessly about the elaboration of decisions and articles: there are a lot of “raw” places. For example, it is very interesting to understand the mechanism of deprivation of rights. Everything is very complicated there!

If we consider the situation described above, it should be noted: in order to "fall into deprivation", it is not at all necessary to heroically accomplish all of the above at once. One is enough. And will follow …

… a wave of the rod. A joyful inspector will inform you that for such a violation you must seize the rights. Well, withdraw, if necessary! In return, you will be given a temporary permit and - you can go. There is one caveat. If the violation didn’t occur at the place of residence, then it makes sense to you to admonish and write a petition that the violation should be considered at the place of residence. In order not to dangle. And the inspector must have application forms.

After that, you went about your business, and the inspector transfers the case to your traffic police department. If a petition has been written, then all documents (“rights”, a protocol on administrative violation, a decision on its initiation) are sent by mail to the registration address of the violator.

And further consideration. No matter where. Now the most important person of the “process” is the head of the department of the traffic police where the documents got. Actually, the fate of the offender is in his power. It is up to him to decide whether to impose a fine, or to send the case to court. Feel what a responsibility? Especially when you consider that the head of the traffic police did not stand on the road and does not know all the details. You understand that we have no definite punishments …

In principle, the consideration of the case should take place in the presence of a person who violated traffic rules. But … optional. If a fine is coming, then the offender receives a paper with the decision and details of the fine. And then it is up to everyone to pay or not. It may happen that a fine is not claimed.

And if the court? You can also not go into it, they will also consider it separately. And they can also award the same fine. But there may be deprivation. About the fine is higher, and if the second, then the effect of the interim permit from the date of the judgment is terminated.

I must say that the court quite rarely makes decisions on deprivation, because it needs undeniable evidence of the violation, and the inspector’s testimony is not. How does the judge know for sure whether the driver went to the oncoming one or not! But, for example, the data of a medical examination are suitable. Who will challenge them?

Deprived after all? You can, of course, challenge the court decision … But it is such a dreary pleasure that you can’t pass it on! And how much time is running out … Only a gaish bossy study takes a month and a half (by the way, after two months, if no decision is made, you can go pick up the rights “over the years”). And some ships are awaiting six months or more.

After the disciplined “serving time”, you can pick up the VU in the traffic police department, which was involved in the consideration of the case.

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