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Not Stuck Together


Video: Not Stuck Together

Video: Not Stuck Together
Video: Family Guy - We're not stuck together any more 2023, June
Not Stuck Together
Not Stuck Together

So … An unusual traffic accident happened the other day in the capital. A dozen rode along the highway, the young lady at the wheel for some reason braked sharply - and suddenly, to her horror, the windshield fell out, and right at one corner into the salon! Fortunately, without causing auto-damage any harm. However, out of fright, the lady abruptly pressed the gas pedal and slightly struck the front of the Volkswagen car in front of the bumper. Since the damage turned out to be small (scratches), the drivers parted, as they say, with the world, having no complaints against each other. However, the traffic police, who helped drive the "top ten" to the sidelines, her mistress said that she intends to sue the car service. The one where she recently had a new windshield inserted.

The inspection showed that when replacing glass in almost all metropolitan cases of this kind, the well-proven Terostat-8590 polyurethane adhesive (Henkel company) was used. So again, fakes?

We decided to conduct our own investigation and went to the largest car market in the capital in the South port. We arrived and were taken aback. The counters are filled with the aforementioned Terostat glue with a variety of markings. Most of the same 8590th. And they sell it in various variations: you can buy just a tube with glue for 300 rubles. or a cardboard box with a set, which includes several more jars for 650-750 rubles. And you can buy a similar set in plastic packaging - already at 100-150 rubles. cheaper. “What is the difference?” - we ask the seller. “The one that is cheaper is“singe.” But the quality is the same,”they answer. How interesting!

The temptation to buy stolen is great. It is not surprising that many wholesalers such as small car services cannot overcome it.

Meanwhile, as representatives of the German company Henkel, which exports popular glue to our country, later explained to us, glass repair is not a thing worth saving on. The Germans are meticulous people and put in a standard package everything that is vital for the longevity of glued glass. That is, there are no tubes that seem “redundant” to us. The proprietary (genuine) Terostat-8590 glass gluing kit includes (see illustration): adhesive sealant in a 310 ml metal cartridge, Terostat-8510 primer in a silver 10-gram metal bottle with a sealed green cap, car glass cleaner in a 20 g tinted bottle with a yellow cap and a protective ring. Two other rubber supports for installing glasses, a napkin made of non-linting material, a round wool applicator on a metal holder for primer application and a plastic nozzle with a graduated scale (for a cartridge with glue) are attached to the “liquids”. All this is packed in a cardboard box, in which the instructions for use (in Russian, of course), printed on self-adhesive paper, are also enclosed.

All labels, of course, should not be of xerox quality, but printed by printing on thin glossy paper or film. In addition, a triangle is felt on the bottom of the back of the labels.

Everything else, it turns out, are fakes? Well, not quite. Teroson explained that they had not yet seen the fake Terostat-8590 glue. Separate tubes with glue, sold in the South Port, and in other Russian markets, their native products, stolen from various automobile enterprises. However, in spite of this, one does not have to rely on the quality of the glue: very often the expiration date is expired. But the rest of the components that come with fake kits can contain anything, even ordinary acetone.

Tormented with the markets, Henkel specialists turned to the laboratory at the Moscow Research Institute of Plastics and Polymer Materials for a test. We decided to check the strength of the connection between the glass and the car body, glued using the correct technology using the original kit, and then using a fake kit. The gluing of the original turned out to be stronger: when tested for tearing 2.1 times, for shear - 3.7 times, for shear after holding for 1 hour at a temperature of -20 ° C - 3.7 times. And the testers saw the mismatch of the fake as necessary in the poor-quality components or the expired shelf life of the glue, cleaner and primer.

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