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Clio With NOS


Video: Clio With NOS

Video: Clio With NOS
Video: Renault Clio 1.2 50HP NOS Dry Shot 2023, June
Clio With NOS
Clio With NOS

The owner of a mass European car does not have to invent his own tuning technology. It is enough to be energetic, confident in success, know the necessary phones and have a supply of free money.

When this car appears on the streets, it attracts attention with a shocking look, juicy sound and rocket acceleration. Of course, forcing has its limits, but the guys think that they have not reached them yet …

As soon as the small Clio hatchback appeared in Europe, tuning offices immediately took up it. So most often what happens with cars of this class - inexpensive (by European standards), pretty, youth.

Silver Clio with a 16-valve 1.6 engine was bought in 2001. For some time he pleased his owner Aleksey with agility, steering precision and little things like power windows and air conditioning. You get used to the good quickly, it even palls. So he gave Lesha a car for refinement to friends in a newborn tuning company. As usual, one alteration entailed the next, the car healed up in the boxes, and if it went out, then maybe for advertising. As a result, she became a sort of “son of a regiment,” a symbol of RaceArtTuning.

The masters had a difficult task: the Clio driver should not be bored in the city and it is advisable to win in the street racing gains in popularity (natural, in its class).

They started modestly: they changed the injection control program, put a Green Twister low-resistance filter (with an internal air flow swirl) and a proprietary Tommysport muffler.

The machine added agility, but I wanted more. We took up the main systems - power, ignition, timing, intake and exhaust. Naturally, they changed the firmware again. According to the masters, after these works Clio gained the ability to reach 100 km / h in 9.3 s, the “cut-off” shifted to 7500.

Tests have shown that most of “everything acquired by overwork” is lost in the bowels of the mission. They shook it too: replaced the main pair, at the same time put a short-stroke gearshift mechanism B&M. Of course, the effort on the lever has increased, but the gear changes faster.

The task of the third stage was: to turn a ladybug into a Pokemon. The guys did not begin to develop their own version of appearance. And they simply took the styling package of the Carzone Special company, popular in Europe, as the basis. The set of aerodynamic linings included front and rear bumpers, sills, a wing. Everything has changed: front view, rear, side, top. But most importantly - the car became more obedient at high speeds. It is clear that the Karzonites did not stint on the calculations and tests of their package.

For complete confidence in victory, Clio equipped with a "dry" nitrous oxide injection system! The "charge" is enough for 15 runs of 400 meters. They did not hide the six-liter cylinder with giant NOS letters - if someone starts asking how the machine is prepared, the nitros will not be hidden from it.

The children have not yet been able to test the new “accelerator” in the races - they are waiting for the races of mid-summer, when all the most gambling participants are going to. However, they are sure that Pokemon does not disappoint.

Before the start of the competition, they plan to deliver a new suspension with twelve-step stiffness adjustment and a six-speed suspension.

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