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Video: Russian Car

Video: Russian Car
Video: Russian Car Driver ПОГОНИ ОТ ПОЛИЦИИ (1 серия) 2023, June
Russian Car
Russian Car

If the right lane is clear, the car ahead will definitely clear the way. Respect is not only the dimensions, but also the high speed of the SUV. The speedometer needle easily reaches 150 …

UAZ-3159 you can’t hide. Yes, he is not shy about his appearance. This is our way: “Yes, I'm not Alain Delon, but in camouflage and with a sharp shoulder blade. And therefore irresistible. " This soldier in civilian is also all about business and for business: large toothed wheels, a strong steel bumper, a kenguryatnik, where three adult men will fit, extra high-beam headlights, a snorkel and an expeditionary trunk. Well, everything else that is supposed to be there …

The main pride is the new motor. The atmospheric diesel from Nissan Patrol is a 6-cylinder, in-line 4.2 with a capacity of 161 hp, with a very solid torque of 375 N * m. Wow, how he rumbles before the next holiday of the soul in the form of a rotten country road. "Bars" is a beast-machine.

Three years ago, its owner got into the boxes of Russian Automobiles Invest and saw the mechanics fiddling with the Toyota Land Cruiser 80 engine, installing it on a short-wheel drive car. After admiring the work, the owner of Bars decided to put a Nissan Patrol engine on his 3159.

No sooner said than done. However, there were enough problems. The large diesel engine did not fit into the engine compartment. We expanded the seat. The rear of the engine entered the cabin. I had to cut the motor shield and put a home-made casing instead. Inside, it was sheathed in corrugated aluminum, and the floor, luggage compartment and an additional fuel tank of 75 liters were also trimmed. Such lining not only looks original, but also (more importantly) is easy to clean. Careful sealing of seams and flooring on imported mastic allows bathing procedures even from a garden hose.

But BMW's luxurious leather seats do not like water - the electric drives in them are moody. For comfort you have to pay with careful handling.

From Nissan, the car received a five-speed manual gearbox and a “razdatka”. And again I had to come up with and make new attachment points. A lot of messing around with driveshafts. One of them is now Japanese, the second is domestic, re-balanced.

The winch is mechanical, from the same Nissan. They say that it works wonderfully - for example, it easily pulls out a passenger car that has sunk deep in the mud.

The new motor is heavier, and so I had to strengthen the front suspension, put ten-centimeter spacers under the springs. Rear and so strong - there they just put gas-filled shock absorbers Plaza. There is an additional tank in the luggage compartment, but nothing - the suspension was lumbered.

Due to the non-standard tunnel under the dashboard, the “native” stove had to be eliminated. Now costs from "Izh" - more compact and stronger.

The owner, having seen enough of the harsh dashboard, decided to exchange it for something more interesting. I liked the "dash" from the "Volga". We messed around for a long time: I had to cut it on three sides.

The 12-volt system did not want to be friends with the 24-volt in any way (on Patrol with the 42nd motor it was just that). But the craftsmen were able to find a replacement for Japanese parts and transferred all the electrics to our dimension. At the same time, two Banner batteries settled under the hood.

The huge steering wheel was replaced with a small sports bagel, but it still seemed too much in the cabin. Remember the width of the UAZ doorways - they are clearly designed for not too well-fed soldiers. And besides, the car body rose to 35 cm due to large wheels and about 5 more after the “lift”. The owner is a dimensional man. The second most important order was received: to eliminate the rear door on the port side, and to expand the front part and, finally, make the glass fall. The craftsmen had to go to work again. They assembled one large from two narrow doors, and put electric lifts inside. Glasses were made to order.

The case brought Russian Cars to a company selling split systems for commercial vehicles. Approximately the same air conditioners are placed on the roofs of tourist buses. How many "humps" on the roof of a Mercedes-Benz Intouro, for example? Three four? And the volume of the cabin? Now it will be easy for you to imagine how quickly this installation cools the air in the UAZ. Of course, it is expensive and overall. But the "goat" itself is not small, but the owner has money.

A car with a powerful high-torque engine accelerates along with the “nine” - very good for a heavy SUV. Masters took care of the dynamics of braking. The drums on the rear axle were dismantled, disc brakes were installed, and the front ones were changed to "gazelle" ones. True, they work with a non-modern laziness, but still you can not compare with ordinary brakes - almost a foreign car.

It is clear that the combination of army bridges (albeit extended), a higher center of gravity and Cooper Discoverer Radial STT 35 tires is not the best option for demonstrating speed on bends. But all this plus an excellent power unit, power steering and a cheap tin can do real miracles where there were no roads, there will never be. Without exaggeration - on moderate terrain, you can move around slowly and without warming up to the music, swaying in comfortable German seats and lazily adjusting the steering wheel direction.

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