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The Word Drivers Have

The Word Drivers Have
The Word Drivers Have


Car park




In the park "Behind the Wheel" - about two dozen cars. Each for us is the same tool as a pen or computer. With the help of editorial machines, at different times, readers liked and became popular (thanks for your ratings!) Headings, such as “We go to Zhiguli, Operational Experience; Recently, the fleet has taken the “Fleet”. With all the changes in the content and design, this section is one of the oldest: drivers talk about their cars from the first issue of “Driving” in 1928 (from where we borrowed the title for the article).

The basis of the ZR park as of the beginning of the anniversary year is presented in the table. Here, as you can see, all the massive (and not only) models. Some stay with us for a short time (Izh 2126 1), while others become full owners in the park. Cars that are well known to you in recent publications (VAZ 2110 3, VAZ 2105) are giving way to new ones. Obvious gaps in the table - the usual "Lada", "Samara-2", "Niva" - we plan to buy them in the first place. Let us note along the way that the transport department of the ZR with its own fleet also serves as a good help.

And one more thing: so far we have no reason to invite Moskvich or Tavria to our garage, but this does not mean at all that we are denying them a place on the pages of the magazine. Just waiting. And now we are actively accumulating materials on the Daewoo park, new IZhs, the Russian Ford, … A new project with the participation of used foreign cars is starting (see material in this issue).

Cars of our fleet do not just “gain kilometers” for the next report. Almost every one we undergo special tests: cross-country ability, economy, operation in the cold season. We evaluate the service network, the availability of spare parts - for new models this is always true. We go on the run … And also on cars we check all kinds of devices and accessories - from tires to light bulbs.

For many new products in the automotive industry, the ZR became a vehicle. One of the first injection “eights” for the domestic market studied life, we put completely new engines under the hoods of “Moskvich” and “Volga”, now we are running the Izhevsk station wagon. Not to mention the first "Lada", then the "companions" and "Samaras", and after a few years and the "dozens", which the magazine helped to become what they became - quite understandable mass cars.

Reports on the operation of machines have long been a special dish of ZR. I would not want to forget about it in the anniversary issue, and therefore the word is for the chauffeur-journalists.

Anatoly Fomin owns the last three thousand kilometers on the VAZ 2112 odometer, which was received from the plant:

- The best that can be said about this car - it is well suited for long-distance winter runs. A powerful engine, moderate fuel consumption, stability on a straight line and some lethargy of the steering wheel allow you to maintain high average speeds on the most difficult and slippery roads. Only one “but”: it starts with difficulty below minus 20 ° C, and below minus 25 ° it does not start at all … However, we almost eliminated this defect. We will soon share our experience.

Sergey Kannunnikov, GAZ 3110 car with a mileage of 28 thousand km:

“The Volga is a machine of contrasts. Spacious and, in general, comfortable, but the driver is pressed to the left door. The seat is massive and the pillow is short. "Ochakovo times" suspension requires care, but ditching it is almost impossible. A solid and, in general, durable machine likes to play pranks - either the Tosol leaks, the electrical contacts wander, the sensors of the engine control system make a fool of themselves. If the plant had defeated all this small things, the Volga could even forgive the archaic design.

Andrei Sidorov recently traveled to Ulyanovsk on a VAZ-2329 - to test winches:

- The fourth year in the fleet of ZR "Niva" -pickup. Her main purpose is to be a "mistress", to provide technical support for our projects. Due to its versatility and unpretentiousness, relatively low operating costs and constant “combat readiness”, the machine is simply irreplaceable. Excellent passability (with a winch almost unlimited), a lockable van, trouble-free “stove”, acceptable comfort - what else does a “hostess" need? However, there seems to be nothing to change it for now. Remaining, as a rule, behind the scenes, our pickup truck has been serving faithfully for 60 thousand kilometers …

Sergei Voskresensky has been operating the Renault Symbol for two years, winding 80, 000:

- Other cars are attracted by thoroughbred nameplates, expensive style, exquisite decoration. But there are those that seem to be unremarkable and more reminiscent of a nondescript workhorse. The “symbol” is just one of them. Discreet appearance, modest upholstery, cramped interior and roomy trunk. It is unlikely that anyone with sophisticated needs will be delighted with this. But our typical urban resident is very reliable, starts up in any weather and does not bother with minor breakdowns at all. Of course, we have to fork out for branded services (scheduled maintenance for 60 thousand km cost us $ 700), but in general, I’m very pleased with the car.

75 years ago, the editorial office did not have its own car park. The drivers of Krammalpatinsindikat and Ogony, Mosselprom and the All-Russian Central Executive Committee told about the only mass truck AMO.

Now the profession of driver and journalist is easy to combine; however, we are pleased to give the floor and TT. to drivers”- readers who send their notes to the“Reception”section.

I call comrade Fedotov openly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of machines, we have strictly followed for three quarters of a century …

“Driving” provides the word TT. chauffeurs who have to experience all the advantages and disadvantages of their car every day in practical work.



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