The steering column switches of the Lada are archaic: turning on the turn signal - only after pressing until a fixed “click”. To switch the headlights - a separate lever. To clean the rear window, you reach for the unlit switch on the "dash", distracting from observing the road. Whether it’s the case in Samara: slightly raised the left lever - the “turn signal” blinked, pressed the right one forward - turned on the back brush. Everything at hand, convenient. Having carefully examined the two nodes - from the Quartet and Samara, we were convinced of the possibility of changing them.

Looking ahead, we’ll say that after the shift paddles (2108-3709305-01) from Samara to the Quartet (2105-3709310-10) it became easier and more natural to drive a car.

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For convenience, it is customary to pay. It's not just about three hundred rubles that they spent on the necessary details. The appearance of the steering column was slightly affected, although this is not visible from the driver's seat: the “nine” switch block did not fit under the plastic covers. They had to be trimmed, as shown in photo 1. In addition, recalling school locksmith skills, we made a spacer for the sound switch plate (photo 2). A sketch of the "pattern" is attached. There was a "trifle" - to reconnect the electrical circuit. The search process took a lot of time. You get the finished table. Work is simple, but requires focus. So let's get started.

Disconnect the "negative" terminal from the battery.

We mark (with paint, etc.) the position of the steering wheel housing relative to the shaft. Use the “24” head to unscrew the housing fastening nut, leaving it flush on the shaft. Squeezing the rim of the steering wheel by the knees, knocking palms from below, knock it off the shaft splines. Finally unscrew the nut and remove the steering wheel.

Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the four screws that tighten the halves of the steering column casing, and one screw that secures the lower half of the casing. From the bottom of the dashboard, disconnect the eight-, six- and two-connector connectors of the harnesses for supplying voltage to the steering column switch block. With the “8” key, weaken the bolt of the unit clamp and remove it, after which we bite off the wires of both bundles with side cutters.

We prepare the released wiring harnesses for connecting to the new shift paddles. To do this, in accordance with the table, guided by the color of the wires, equip them with lugs, connect with each other or isolate.

Now we collect the wires of the bundles in the pads corresponding to them, again guided by the table. It should be borne in mind that not all wire harnesses are included in the pads. For example, a gray wire with a black stripe does not enter the sound signal cable from an eight-pin harness; it needs to be equipped with a smaller tip for connecting to the external spring-loaded terminal of the steering column switch housing 2108-3709305-01.

The ability to control the wiper and rear window washer from the switch to the dashboard can be saved. For this…

… and according to the table, we will subsequently connect to the WH and 53H connectors of the steering column switch of the wiper and washer 2108-3709340-01 and the six-wire harness with yellow and black stripe.

Putting the “2108” switch case in place, we pretighten the bolt of the clamp of its fastening, taking into account that the final position of the case can be slightly adjusted in the longitudinal and radial directions. In the longitudinal so that the spring-loaded contacts of the sound signals are triggered and at the same time there is enough space to insert the key into the ignition switch of the car. The turn-off of the turn signal switch at the right time depends on the radial position of the body when the turned steering wheel returns to “neutral”.

We install the steering wheel assembly with a new plate of sound signals on the shaft, orienting according to the previously applied mark. Tightening the steering wheel nut on the shaft, pivot it. We insert the corresponding switches into the case. We connect to them and to the wiring of the car connecting pads of the harnesses.

We draw an elongated wire through the hole in the steering wheel housing. We connect its tip to the contact of the outer ring of the sound switch plate. We install and fasten its cover with two screws.

We remove the standard one-position dipped-beam switch from the instrument cluster and install the P147–04.43 on-off switch from the “seven” instrument cluster in its place.

Since the “Samara” switch does not have an additional dipped beam lever, now we will turn on the dimensions and dipped beam by the on / off switch of the instrument cluster, and the main beam by the steering column switch.

Disconnect and isolate the “positive” power wire from the windshield washer pump motor. The "negative" wire of the electric motor power is switched to the released "positive" contact. The released “minus” contact of the pump is connected to the “mass” by an additional wire of suitable length.

We take out the fuse No. 2, which is responsible for the power circuit of the wiper motor and the windshield and headlight washer, from the unit. In the future, this circuit is not powered.

We replace fuse No. 1 (by 8 A) with a more powerful one (by 16 A), since the windshield washer motor is additionally connected to the protected circuit.

We connect the "negative" terminal of the battery and check how the new steering column switch works.

When finishing work, we tighten both halves of the steering column casing with screws. The lower half of the casing is fixed with a self-tapping screw.

Open-end wrenches “5.5”, 8, 10, “24” head, slotted and Phillips screwdrivers.

Operating time - from 3 to 6 hours.

The price of parts * - 300 rubles.

Side cutters, a hacksaw, metal scissors, a set of files or files, a drill, drills D4-8 mm, electrical pliers, insulation tape.

* The case of the steering column switches 2108-3709305-01 - 20 rubles. Steering column switch 2108-3709330-01 - 60 rubles. Connector steering column switch turns 501V1 - 20 rubles. Wiper Blade Switch 2108-3709340-01 - 60 rub. 502V4 wiper blade switch connector - 20 rubles Horn switch plate 2108-3402080 - 60 rub.

Dipped beam switch on-off P146-04.43 - 20 rubles. Wire Ends, 20 pcs. - 10 rubles. Mounting wire, 3 m - 30 rubles.

Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the two screws that secure the horn switch cover and remove them together with the insulating bushings.

Pulling ourselves, remove the cover of the horn switch and disconnect the tip of its wire from the output on the steering wheel housing.

… we do not disconnect the three wires, but in parallel we extend it …

We unscrew the three self-tapping screws of the contact plate of the sound signal switch.

In its place, we fix the spacer made in advance with the same screws.

We attach a contact plate 2108-3402080 to the spacer with three M3 screws of suitable length and nuts.