It is easy to guess that the gaps in the rear brakes are, to put it mildly, too big. And getting under the car, moving the eccentrics is too lazy. So he selects the gaps handbrake. Not only that: the driver secretly told that the regulator will soon throw it out. The one that is called a sorcerer. And then it completely split up: “Yes, so all the guys in our fleet are doing …” “And so far, no accidents?” “But what’s there, everything is fine …”

Like this. And how many copies have already been broken, telling about such progressors: both the wheel outreach is changed, and the “backsides” are lifted with spacers, which they just don’t do! About safety - not a thought. For luck. But so that in public transport ?!

We will understand what this threatens. The sorcerer limits the brake fluid pressure of the rear brakes depending on the longitudinal inclination of the body. It is mounted on the body and connected to the rear axle via a torsion lever and traction. The characteristics of the regulator are selected so as to exclude the locking of the rear wheels during braking. Therefore, without it, the car loses control and stability under intensive braking, especially on slippery roads. I don’t feel like talking about tire wear when it comes to the lives of passengers.

It’s hard to blame only minibus drivers. Without going into design features, we note that the regulator assembly is constantly bathed in dirt, dust, moisture and other road joys. The piston is jammed. As a result, the rear wheels simply stop braking.