The French-Belgian concern TotalFinaElf ranks fourth in the world in oil and gas production. The annual turnover of the concern is 105 billion dollars, daily oil production is about 2.2 million barrels. Personnel - 135 thousand people in one hundred countries of the world. In addition, the concern is the largest buyer of Russian oil: last year alone, TFE bought 40 million tons, which is 25 percent of Russian exports of oil and oil products.

The concern has extensive experience in Russia. TFE, together with Tatneft, developed the Romashkinskoye field, and today its main operation is oil production at the Kharyaginskoye field in the Nenets Autonomous District. Work is underway on a development project for the Shtokman field in the Barents Sea and, together with Yukos, the Shat field in the Black Sea.

Francois Rafin, TFE's CEO for exploration and development in Russia, believes that the concern has advantages over its competitors: TFE has extensive experience working in the Arctic Circle.

Vankor attracted the attention of the French in 2001, and negotiations immediately began on the concern's purchase of a controlling stake in Yeniseyneft, which has a license to develop the field. Until the deal is completed.

According to experts, the proven oil reserves at the field amount to 125.3 million tons. Oil is planned to be produced in 168 horizontal wells. The French also offer to lay a 740 km oil pipeline to Dickson, build two pumping stations and an oil loading terminal there. This will allow focusing the entire chain, from production to oil sales, in one hand.

What is the interest of the region to give a tidbit to the hands of foreign experts? Francois Rafin, one can say, the tooth gives that the lion's share of the profit will remain in the territory of the region. As evidence, the general director points to the Kharyaginskoye field, where $ 70 per ton of oil will go as direct taxes to budgets of various levels, and another $ 110 per ton will be indirect taxes. In general, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, in theory, should acquire a good run-in to the treasury with the arrival of the French concern. Here are just promises for a particular project issued a mountain, and the result, as a rule …

The French are waiting for 52 percent of the Yeniseineft shares to fall into their hands, and then, they say, work will go. Governor Khloponin said his good word, calling TFE the most prepared company to implement such a project. He also promised the concern all kinds of help in overcoming the obstacles that the French might have on the way to acquire Yeniseineft shares.