Chateau Kakabadze has 30 years of experience as a car repairman. He still remembers his first self-repaired car, it was a “Lada” - “penny”. It all started with the fact that the 12-year-old Chateau took it from his uncle without demand - I really wanted to drive! And he broke … Uncle forced to restore the car. And he said: "Until you do, you won’t go anywhere."

Since then, Chateau has restored more than a dozen cars. And he helped many mechanics-trainees to become real masters. Now even people from other cities come to the Chateau for help - Moscow, Sochi, Nizhny Novgorod. Chateau is very fond of his job, so he repairs all the cars "as for himself." The auto mechanic workshop, with an area of ​​80 square meters, has all the necessary equipment. With the help of a press and a lathe, he will manufacture any part.


"Muscovite", which Chateau liked, began to produce under Stalin. Then the model was a two-door. But during the general viewing on the territory of the Kremlin, the leader of the peoples got into the brand new Moskvich, the driver was sitting next to him, and here Joseph Vissarionovich turned to the designer: “Sit down!” He immediately realized what the new car was missing … Fortunately, the designer survived, and subsequent modifications of the Moskvich were already four-door.

Moskvich-401 was born in 1956. There were no door locks in it: probably, in Soviet times, no one had a desire to get into someone else's car. Now this is not even believed.

… A mechanic bought a rusty rarity from a friend - he abandoned the idea of ​​completely restoring a dead, half-rotten tarantass.

- In the tank, gas was “66th”, now this is no longer produced, - recalls the owner of a rarity. “This is the real smell of the proletariat!” For me, this fragrance is like a French perfume for women.

And in the cabin, Chateau found a pack of cigarettes that had been lying around since the fifties. The roof of the car was bent, the right wing was chewed, there was no hood or outboard. Miraculously preserved motor. The car was restored by the three of us - Chateau and his two sons - for six months. I had to not only restore the car from and to, but also look for the missing parts in the cities and towns of the Voronezh region. Native wheels, for example, were found in the Bobrovsky district.