There were always enough fans to conjure with carburetor jets. It was considered a matter of honor to make a beloved “Zhigulenka” become frisky (or more economical), and overtaking a neighbor poured balm on the soul. Each carburetor had its own character, and the ability to fine-tune it was revered as a spark of God. In injection engines, everything is decided by electronics, so many modern engines are the same in character to boredom. Changing something seems impossible. But inquiring minds instantly realized: the temperament of the motor can be changed by interfering with the operation of electronics, for which it is only necessary to change the controller program. Even the name of this setting came up with "chip tuning."


It is interesting that it is easy to set up the injection engine of the “tens” or “Volga” independently or with the help of familiar radio engineers. In any institute or radio workshop, there is always a device called a “programmer”. It is he who is needed for reprogramming and, therefore, changing the nature of the engine.

First-generation controllers, called Bosch motorists, will have to be removed from the car. On front-wheel drive VAZ models, they were located on the dashboard console. Do not forget to disconnect the wire from the negative terminal of the battery, take out the unit, open the cover and remove the chip. It is better to remove and put it with special forceps, very carefully, without touching the legs of the microcircuit, so as not to damage it by electrostatic discharge. If it is not removable, it is better to entrust the soldering to an experienced radio installer.

Now that the microcircuit is in hand, we’ll take a good look at it. A shiny sticker on it is not for beauty - it protects memory from the effects of ultraviolet radiation, which can damage it or completely destroy it. If we want to change the program, we boldly tear off the sticker and place the microcircuit with the opened window right under the ultraviolet lamp. The erasing process can take from several minutes to an hour - it depends on how often you had to write and erase the information. It is better to buy the same chip (it costs about 60 rubles), leaving the old one in reserve, just in case. In car services they use specialized programmers - they differ from universal dimensions and convenience. The kit costs about $ 120, it includes a socket for installing a chip, a cord to connect to a personal computer, a power supply and a diskette with the program.

The more advanced January controllers of the fifth series, MIKAS-7 and its modifications can be reprogrammed without removing the microcircuit (no need to open the unit). True, another programmer will be needed here - one of those that can only be found in a car service. It connects to the block connector and to the computer. They erase and record programs directly from a personal computer, and all this takes a few seconds. One problem remains:


The first option is free online. There are many offers, but without guarantees of perfect engine operation. A competent, well-functioning program is usually the work of a large team of highly qualified specialists. She takes the finished look only after tests on the car. All this costs money. So, the second option to receive new products - for cash. It is best to contact a company where you can test your car with new settings and, if you like, pay. The third option is to rewrite the data from the block of the car, the driving qualities of which were liked. However, programmers set up protection against overwriting, and if you try to read data, the data may be damaged. A generous owner of a non-standard program will be at a trough. However, hackers - computer crackers - and here they do their bit, revealing the defense sometimes only out of sports interest. Only factory settings can be written off absolutely painlessly. Moreover, VAZ is constantly improving its programs. The fourth option is to purchase a program for a personal computer that allows you to make changes to the controller's memory. But without thorough knowledge, using this program is dangerous: a thoughtless change in any parameter can disrupt the engine, or even lead to its breakdown.

Nevertheless, it is better and more reliable to turn to professionals. For example, a Moscow-based Elkar company has developed a new program for the 406's gas engines. There is a tuning option that turns on the cooling system fan with a controller command, bypassing the capricious sensor on the radiator (see ЗР, 2002, No. 4, “On Your Own” Appendix). Those who wish to catch on with the breeze will be offered the "dynamics" program. There are many other interesting things that can radically change the nature of the engine - from evil to good-natured. The wizards are now different - they are wearing a tie.

So you need to remove the chip.

Programmer for the Bosch controller …