CALLED THE DESIGNER - Crawl into the body



A few months ago, designers picked up pencils and presented conceptual designs of the future Russian car (project "Designer" - ZR, 2002, No. 2–5). Which direction, which style to choose?

Readers' opinions were divided - there were no pronounced favorites and outsiders in the five presented. We decided to give the green light to the most original and at the same time viable project.

We open the cards - the “Special Line” gets further development. The concept of this car is close to the French Renault Cango, Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner, the Italian FIAT-Doblo, which recently appeared on the Russian market, as well as some Japanese models. The main trump cards of these cars: low price, versatility, spaciousness and, of course, practicality. It is no accident that such machines are in good demand in Europe.

Now take a look at our selection. We believe that for Russia this modern elegant and comfortable “heel” is what we need. By the way, the design project made us slightly adjust the terms of reference - the car grew up, but formally remained in class B. Which, in fact, distinguishes it from the mentioned classmates, which are slightly longer.

With this situation, you can play and you need to win!

Access to the trunk of the station wagon opens a large door, which, for ease of loading, swings open 180 °. A similar scheme is implemented on the modification with the body of the van.

To facilitate the high body of our future car, we turn to modern technologies tested by foreign colleagues. Aluminum is not yet affordable, so the front wings and hood will be composite. According to preliminary calculations, this will not only reduce weight, but also reduce the cost of production.


There is a surprise in the design center. Instead of a detailed drawing or a small plasticine copy of a car in the middle of a spacious hall there is a full-size layout. A tall wagon, made in full size and dressed in a fine dark suit with a bluish tint, looks much more advantageous than on paper. However, we will still play with color, using the hints of marketers.

In this form, without significant changes, the car "will go into mass production." True, body-colored bumpers, alloy wheels and a plastic body kit will be left for more expensive trim levels. By the way, you can install a glass ceiling to order, which will make the interior more spacious.


Salon to match the body - ascetic, but not without a twist. In the basic version, there are neither expensive finishing materials, nor additional amenities - everything is purely functional. The dashboard is unified for a number of models, but on expensive versions it may look richer.

On the dashboard - the minimum set: dial speedometer, tachometer and fuel gauge, as well as emergency warning lights (coolant temperature, oil pressure, battery discharge, etc.) The rest of the information is “wired” in the on-board computer: its display on center console (more about electronics - in the next issue of "Designer"). In the center of the dashboard there are control knobs for ventilation and heating systems, as well as several important keys whose functions could not be assigned to the steering column levers.

By our order, the designer has provided large shelves at the bottom of the panel, and there will also be pockets in the doors and a box in the front slope of the roof, above the driver's head. So enough space for small things!

You will have to adjust the seats and mirrors and twist the power windows in the basic version manually, but for an additional fee, the devices will be equipped with electric drives. As promised, we save on everything except quality and safety. Therefore, even in the minimum configuration, there are belts with pretensioners and head restraints on all seats, and the driver and front passenger are additionally insured by frontal airbags. In addition, in the arsenal of more expensive modifications there are also side “bags”.

The metal floor of the cabin and trunk is covered with a pile carpet - after all, it is a comfortable passenger car. But in the pickup's cargo compartment, beauty is sacrificed to practicality - the metal is protected from dents and scratches by its polymer composition.

This is briefly the basic version of our car. He lacks a very important detail - the name. We invite all readers to christening - tell me how to name the firstborn.

The base model is a high station wagon. The width and length of the car does not go beyond the boundaries of class B, and in height it slightly overtakes classmates - about 1700 mm. However, like many of the same type of accelerate.

Dashboard for the base model. Caught the main similarities with the body - the line