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Neither In The Country, Nor In The Army

Neither In The Country, Nor In The Army
Neither In The Country, Nor In The Army





I have a summer house with an impassable road. I looked enviously at a neighbor with his immense Landcruiser. And there is no reason for him to slander, and there is so much space in the cabin - even play the harmonica. And so I decided to fork out a jeep too - ours, of those that I can afford. "Niva" is small and tender. Better - UAZ with its solid bridges, frame and endurance of a small truck. And a new one in a steel body is just a dream! And appearance, and comfort, and the engine, and power steering … In a word, I could not resist the temptation, and the new UAZ 3160 1 (XTT 316010X0001010) soon settled in my garage.

The car captivated usability, interior dimensions, comfort. Not at all like the usual "goat." You look down on the other trifle from the driver’s seat. Nice damn it! Only the back door for some reason swings open to the right. When I load the car parked to the side of the road, I will have to run around it. I wonder why she was hanged that way? The hydraulic booster leaves a double impression: it is convenient on the spot and at low speed. But you just have to accelerate … you have to catch the car all the time on the highway. It’s like the steering column rubber shaft is such a late reaction. If you consider that the machine is shamelessly "boggling" on bumps, driving it from pleasure turns into a punishment. Well, never mind, I'll get used to it! If only it was assembled well and did not break.

Enthusiasm dissipated on the first day - the transmission rattled - either a box, or a razdatka. A sound resembling the buzzing of an inertial toy car appeared, it was only worth passing over 80 km / h. At first I didn’t pay attention - maybe I’ll rub it … But when he returned to the garage, he checked the oil everywhere. Everything is okay. At the same time, since he got under the car, he took up a broach (“Volgovskaya” hardening affected). All nuts are tightened to death.

Further more. The annoying buzz not only did not disappear, it intensified and was heard already in the entire speed range. I had to go to the warranty workshop on Ozernaya Street in Moscow. The guys from the service went out of their way, trying to help, but, alas, they were completely unfamiliar with the device of the new UAZ. The fuel fine filter was never found (however, it was not there). But they searched stubbornly: both under the hood and under the bottom, along the entire fuel line. The search yielded completely unexpected results in the form of an inconspicuous dimple on the anti-roll bar and a juicy, deep scratch on the front cardan. Consequently, when the wheels were hung out or on bumps, the universal joint pulled out the stabilizer. And if the cardan broke?

In the box and razdatkoy again checked the backlash and oil level: normal. Meanwhile, the noise grew to such an extent that it was just scary to drive. The next visit to the “guarantee” ended to no avail: the razdatka was removed, they conjured for a long time over it - they cooked something, sharpened it, grinded it, and adjusted it. The noise disappeared, but only for half a day: in the evening the gears howled before the old. In total for the warranty period, the razdatka survived two bulkheads and a replacement. We changed the main pair of the rear axle, and then twice - the bridge itself. The car visited the service station 15 times, having stood for a total of about two months, and things are still there. After prolonged anguish, the servicemen decided that the howl was the family trait of the new UAZ. Thirteen thousand kilometers, accompanied by howling and fear of standing in the most inappropriate place at the most inconvenient time, tempered nerves. Therefore, I did not pay much attention to the remaining malfunctions, eliminating them with my own hands as they were detected. There were few of them:

- Water got under the front rugs after every rain. Attempts to seal the doors on their own and in the car service did not change the situation. Water has to be sucked off with a sponge that lies under the seat;

- in the niches of the hind wings, under the casing, the water stands constantly, with an unchanged level of 1.5–2 cm. The iron has already rusted;

- spontaneously unscrew the nut of the mesh filter of the carburetor. In this case, gasoline, as you might guess, drips onto the exhaust manifold;

- the heater fan howls like a plane on takeoff, competing with the noise of the transfer and bridge;

- on the body - unpainted areas;

- plastic door caps are flimsy, and the locks are tight. Slam the door - the pistons shoot.

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