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Video: Talking Batteries (Original Mix) 2023, January
Talking Batteries
Talking Batteries





I was approaching my destination. There was less than 200 km to the goal with the name VB Autobatterie GmbH, which was difficult to pronounce for the Russians - an hour and a half drive from Hamburg Airport to Hanover. From here the Bosch batteries scatter around the world - the main characters of last year’s expertise “At the wheel”, which made a lot of noise. And although the incident has long been exhausted, the feedback from the factory-magazine has been preserved.

“It is very important for us to dispel the slightest doubt about the quality of our products,” Herr Weinwurm, Sales Manager for Eastern Europe, calmly explains. - The Russian market is very promising.

Here is the factory. The pre-war cases of the thirties, hidden in a forest park, by no means look like a kind of “count ruins” - they are rather reminiscent of an ancient grandfather clock, confidently pacing in time.

“It comes to the ridiculous,” Dr. Gerolf Richter, Head of Development, shares his problems. - As soon as the customer discovers that some parameters of our batteries are better than the declared ones, he immediately protests and demands to give him a discount! Say, I agree to give the extra amp-hours back, and for that you are saving me the price …

Fifteen minutes after common phrases about quality, service and Epiphany frosts, we managed to turn the conversation with the business people into the right track. As a result, they found out - the company is not responsible for the DISCHARGED batteries. The voltage at the terminals of the battery, which is installed in the car, must be more than 12.2 V - if the voltmeter shows less than 12 V, the battery - caput! For example, if in the same Germany a brand new car stood without traffic for a year, then the battery will automatically be sentenced to death. The same fate awaits batteries that have been left out of stock for longer than they should be - therefore, all expired Bosch Silver, which fell into disgrace after the Zarulev examination, will be destroyed.

We were also interested in another thing - what current should the battery give out and how to correctly measure it?

The answer sounded like this - the declared current is checked for 10 s, then - the same pause, after which the load current is reduced to 0.6 from the initial one. The total test duration is 150 s for the northern countries and 90 s for the southern. Well, Russia is a northern country, and it’s always nice to hear once again the confirmation of the correctness of the “Zarulevsky” methods …

It's time to ask the question “what's new?” The so-called white batteries are, by local standards, the day before yesterday, but they are not going to refuse them yet. Such batteries are supplied dry, and the seller pours the electrolyte into them. The white battery is maintenance free. According to the norms of the EN standard, this means that the water flow is less than 4 g / A.h. In general, to service this maintenance-free battery you need to unscrew the plug and add some water.

Bosch-Silver batteries for VB Autobatterie GmbH - yesterday. "Silver" is actually maintenance-free - the plugs are tightly sealed: you even want to in them - you will not fill anything. This is not necessary - the service life of products made by technology with the addition of silver is already 20% higher than that of standard ones.

Today is Bosch Silver Plus: they have been released since 1999. Such batteries are 30% more powerful than ordinary "silver" due to the use of a larger number of thin plates. Tomorrow … The designer of the company shows a picture of an unusual shape of the battery - something futuristic. The project is approved - we will see soon. And here it is … but this is not only seen, but heard!

The new product will inform the owner of his health - up to the number of remaining successful attempts to start the engine. Variants of a specific performance may be different - a speech synthesizer, a light panel, sound signals - it all depends on the specific order. By the way, it suddenly turns out that this is not tomorrow - talking batteries from July this year have already been delivered to Daimler-Chrysler and Audi …

Very interesting. Not the “talker" in itself, but the sensors - what exactly does the “smart” battery really evaluate? After all, he is not looking through the peephole - a famous toy made to please the customer. After some deliberation, Dr. Richter reports that there are four main measured parameters: the temperature of the sensor, the temperature of the engine, the voltage at the start of the motor, and the time taken to start. Imagine, they say to you: “Master, you will go back by taxi” …

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