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500 Standards And One Road


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500 Standards And  One Road
500 Standards And One Road






Previously, we could not build good roads by definition: the customer and the contractor were part of the structure of one ministry. In 1993, these functions were divided, and employees of the Ministry of Transport are now “overseeing” federal facilities, and special services under regional administrations or municipalities are overseeing local ones. Since then, according to experts (and, most importantly, according to consumers!), New roads have become better. But…

“Today we meet the requirements of GOSTs for quality by an average of 80%,” said Nikolai Bystrov, head of the department of road construction materials at MADI. - Unfortunately, more - we can’t.


Now in the Russian road sector there are about 500 standards, more than 2 thousand regulatory documents (and each of them has some quality parameters!). Such powerful organizations as the Ministry of Transport, Gosstroy, Gosstandart are engaged in their development. It’s good that there are only three (this used to be done by many more departments), although there are enough of them for dangerous confusion.

Regulatory acts directly contradict each other even with regard to road safety and the operational condition of roads! Just one example. GOST 1993 "Requirements for the operational condition of roads" (approved by the State Standard) determines that the adhesion coefficient (this is the most important parameter on which the braking distance depends!) Can be measured by two methods. The Gosstroy standard of 1997 allows only one. The second, which is used everywhere in Russia (more than 1000 sets of appropriate equipment are used in road services and traffic police bodies), is "outlawed". It seems to be nonsense, but only until a compulsory insurance system has been introduced in the country. And when will mass trials on road accidents begin? Imagine: one side refers to the examination of the traffic police, and the other claims: it was carried out according to the wrong method. And such inconsistencies in regulatory documents are a dime a dozen. Gosstandart was supposed to systematize and tidy up all this regulatory framework, but due to "chronic reform" its employees (by their own admission!) Did not even have time to read the papers that came to them.

“At the end of last year, speaking at a meeting of road workers, Prime Minister Kasyanov ordered an urgent update of the regulatory framework - after all, most of the documents were adopted 15–20 years ago,” says Nikolai Bystrov. - And now the Ministry of Transport is actively financing all these works. For example, we at the department are engaged in finalizing GOST for road marking. But it turns out that money alone is not enough - specialists are also needed. And where to get them? For several years, they did not allocate funds for science, and many employees left. Yes, and the research itself takes time - you can not engage in the development of a regulatory framework from case to case, waiting for the personal instruction of the Prime Minister. Even if you collect nine women, you cannot force them to have a baby in a month, the sage said …

Another example of confusion in the regulatory framework was cited by one of the leaders of Rosavtodor: today it is impossible to prove the malicious intent of the MKAD builders, even if it is accurately established that the width of the roadway is less than planned - some standards contradict others, they are all mostly outdated, so during any serious judicial proceedings may be declared null and void. Moreover, in this case, any competent road specialist will “play” with prices, volumes and terms, and they can vary significantly.


Today, we are not able to fulfill the requirements of our own standards also because there is no … normal laboratory base in the road sector. Indeed, why did we need a laboratory for quality control for both the customer and the contractor, if they received a salary in one window? And now she is desperately needed. A lot of modern asphalt concrete plants, the latest imported and domestic road equipment are already operating in the country, but the laboratory (if somewhere else operates), alas, in 95% of cases it will not meet even the most minimal requirements. And how then to demand from the head of the DRSU that he improve the quality of work if neither he nor the customer is able to verify the latter? Say, insist on compliance with GOST on the retroreflective characteristics of road markings and signs, if domestic industry does not produce devices for this? The standard is laid down in GOST, but indicators can only be taken using a special Swiss or Japanese device worth $ 25 thousand. In Moscow there are only two, and two more - for the rest of Russia.

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