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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: पंढरपूर – वाखरीच्या MIT मध्ये प्रशासनाने उभारलेय अत्याधुनिक कोविड १९ केयर सेंटर 2023, January
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According to seven-year observations, August is the hottest time in the editorial office of “Behind the Wheel”. Since 1994, we have been awarding prizes to the most interesting exhibits of Russian motor shows taking place in Moscow at the end of summer. On one of the first days of the exhibition, in the evening, all the heads of divisions of ZR, editors, correspondents gather under the direction of the Chief and … discuss until late at night: who is worthy of Golden Pegasus, who are special prizes?

Judges required! Work experience, education are not important. The main thing is objectivity. This year we are expanding the jury for the new nomination - “Consumer Confidence” (ЗР, 2001, No. 7). Name the brand you believe yourself by filling out the questionnaire published in the July issue. You can’t argue with the choice made by such a wide audience of readers at the wheel…

We remind you: we will invite the authors of three profiles, which will be determined by an impartial lottery drum, to the Grand Prix ceremony. Passion will be watched together!

By the way, the nominees for the Breakthrough of the Year prize will also be evaluated by a large number of judges. The jury will include famous politicians, economists, and journalists. As they say, the details will follow, we are waiting for August!


September is the time for special parental troubles and worries. It comes for ZR: the youngest member of the publishing family enters the school of life - the project “Behind the Wheel” - the region, starts. A colored newspaper with a black and white tab at a very affordable price will appear on the shelves in 5–10 regions so far. Information is partially from Moscow, partially local, which will make the weekly publication especially topical (the first issues, however, will be released once every two weeks).

It is no accident that the design of the newspaper logo resembles a license plate: the region code is placed on the right. Our goal is to go out in every region, every republic, every region. According to the designations adopted in the traffic police - from 1 (Adygea) to 89 (Yamal-Nenets district).

Well, in the meantime, we are going to elementary school with a bouquet of flowers. Drivers, be careful: we are coming to you!

Perhaps the best news is with the upcoming subscription campaign. It is already absolutely certain that the price of “Driving” according to the Rospechat catalog remains the same again - 30 rubles per room, excluding delivery. We stand firmer than the dollar, keeping the value unchanged since 1999! Moreover - for the same money you get a magazine that has grown in volume; for example, the current issue is the thickest with a bad memory in the fall of 1998. We are opponents of the diet and are going to gain weight in the future. Want to follow this process? Subscribe in order not to miss a single number full of relevant, interesting, useful information. If your mail is ready to immediately receive the magazines during the whole of 2002, write in the subscription index 72390, for six months - 70321.

CONGRATULATIONS, RUSLAN VLADIMIROVICH! This is a serious reason: the holder of such a beautiful name will soon receive a VAZ car from Za Rulem. While we are familiar only in absentia: Ruslan Nikolaev last autumn filled out a questionnaire published in the journal, sent it to us, and now it was he who chose the computer. Our 25-year-old medalist lives in Bashkiria, uses the "eight" of 1986; however, in the near future his vehicle will be 15 years younger!

Enviously? And it’s completely in vain: in the next issues of ZR we will publish again the subscriber’s questionnaire and we will hand over a brand new car to the author of one of them. So everyone will have a chance, go for it!

And your profiles, adding to the database ZR, will make an accurate picture of the Russian fleet and will help in our work.


No, no, it is unlikely that a one-eyed physiognomy will appear on our first page. Speech - about the competition “Cover of the Year 2001” under the auspices of Moscow

UNESCO International Fund for the Promotion of the Flight Through Centuries Cultural Movement. The best cover is marked by the Golden Cyclops. Out of 33 applicants in the Automotive Magazines nomination, the jury, which includes politicians, businessmen, and advertisers, selected the March number “Behind the Wheel” with a Russian car on the first page (by the way, Silver Cyclops is in the Limousine magazine, so our publishing house is noted twice).


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