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Kia Magentis. CARDINAL Mantle


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Kia Magentis. CARDINAL Mantle
Kia Magentis. CARDINAL Mantle


/ OUR ACQUAINTANCE with Kia Magentis




KIA Magentis (in some KIA Optima markets) - the car is completely fresh, appeared only this year. The car has one body variant, but a good set of engines: gasoline four-cylinder 1.8 and 2 liters and a six-cylinder 2.5 liters. For the Korean market, they also produce a modification of compressed gas, and for the American market, a car with a four-cylinder engine of 2.4 liters. Russians are offered assembled in Kaliningrad "Magentis" with 2- and 2.5-liter engines

with automatic or manual gearboxes.



According to the creators, the name of the car is made up of English equivalents of the words "magnificent" and "noble." For those who are more familiar with the technique of printing or color photography than with the language of Shakespeare, the word "Magentis" will remind, rather, of the magenta color. Also a good association: since purple since ancient times was considered the color of the cardinal mantle …

From a technical point of view, everything is not so spectacular. Since the Korean Hyundai automobile companies and KIA merged together, not much time has passed; The Magentis is the first fruit of their joint efforts. The new sedan is built on the same platform as the fourth-generation Hyundai Sonata. Put these very dissimilar cars nearby - and you will certainly notice the same doorways and windows.

However, this is not a relationship that should be ashamed. The fourth "Sonata" entered the market in 1999 and is a very "advanced" car - at least the suspension is worth it. And the engines meet the current level of technology. In a word, in comparison with Klarus Magentis is a huge step forward.

For acquaintance, we chose a car with a two-liter engine and an automatic transmission. True, according to dealer forecasts, this equipment is unlikely to be the most popular. Its price is $ 18, 800, and for 21, 450 you can buy the Magentis with a 2.5-liter engine, climate control and a leather interior - these are the machines that are likely to become bestsellers. On a car with a 2.5-liter engine, it offers both a manual gearbox and an “automatic” with the possibility of sequential switching. But even the base car for $ 16, 750 is well equipped: electric locks and windows, an airbag for the driver, air conditioning, radio.

In our car (in addition to an automatic transmission), an airbag for the passenger, ABS, aluminum 15-inch wheels and a CD player were additionally installed. The surcharge for such a "set" - $ 2050 - is quite moderate.


The absence of noise and vibration at idle has already become the norm for a middle class car and above. Magentis is no exception.

A two-liter engine, albeit with high performance, will provide only acceptable dynamics to a full-size middle-class car, the mass of which is approaching one and a half tons. When an automatic transmission is taken between him and the wheels, it becomes extremely difficult to reach a compromise between dynamics and comfort. At Magentis, the choice is made in favor of comfort. Judging by the driving experience, out of 136 heads of the engine compartment, at least three dozen “horses” got stuck in the “dexron”.


If you want to drive dynamically and quickly, you will have to trample the gas pedal from the bottom of your heart - otherwise the “automatic machine” “pushes” the next gear too quickly. Spinning above 4000 rpm, the previously quiet engine begins to sing in a loud and not too well-set voice, allowing, however, to pick up speed very vigorously. Alas, it is precisely the noise of the motor that makes us once again abandon intense acceleration. But it’s a pity, because effective brakes with a well-dosed force and timely activated ABS allow you to trust the car more. The same can be said about the suspension. It is quite in the tradition of KIA cars - tough and short-stroke. In a word, for European roads - that’s it. For ours - not really, I would like to be softer … But what will happen to handling? Truly, to make a comfortable suspension for Russian roads without sacrificing handling, the task is no easier than picking a decent rhyme for the word "Europe". But thanks to stiff springs and anti-roll bars, the Magentis turns almost without banks. At low speeds, the car is more prone to demolition of the front wheels and has an enviable directional stability (the brevity of acquaintance did not allow to try sliding at a speed higher).

The steering is also showing the same safe and correct character. Light at low speed steering wheel with its growth becomes heavier and "sharper". When driving on an almost straight highway, the steering does not tire. But when the steering wheel has to be rotated more than 90 degrees, the unity with the car disappears - the "Magentis" is closer in character to executive than to sports sedans.


Of course, the interior is very spacious. Perhaps it is even larger than that of Klarus, which can not be called cramped. Moreover, the seats are pretty grown in size and now will fit the passengers of the most impressive build. An indicative fact is that a passenger of medium height will comfortably sit even behind a two-meter driver. And yet, the rear seat does not quite reach the “limousine” comfort - the smoothly falling rear window makes the most tall passengers (above 185 cm) touch the ceiling with their heads or crawl forward a bit along the pillow. However, this small minus for the "state" of the car is partially offset by wide doors with convenient handles.

There are no complaints about the build quality and interior decoration of the Magentis, although the color scheme could be more interesting than gray interspersed with light gray. And the leather-wrapped steering wheel is appropriate not only for the six-cylinder model. Alas, this is exclusively her prerogative, like leather upholstery and wood-like inserts. It also has an armrest with cup holders and a custom integrated child seat.

There is a lot of space under the trunk lid, especially if you figure out how much full-size spare wheel took. But the compartment itself is small in height, so the final figure is not too impressive.


What is his generalized portrait? (Let us leave aside government officials who want to change their shabby “Claruses” to a new one.) An offer has already been made to corporate clients - an exchange of the car with a surcharge for a new one in two years. With a three-year transfer guarantee (this remains for subsequent owners), KIA Magentis has a good future in the secondary market.

A large, powerful, comfortable sedan at a reasonable price will surely attract conservative buyers who focus on “eternal” values. For them, such features of the car as a large front overhang or the absence of rubber moldings on the bumper are not so important. With careful use and driving on flat roads, they are not of serious importance.

Kia Magentis 2.0 16V (aut)

GENERAL DATA: number of places - 5; curb weight - 1320 kg; gross weight - 1820 kg; maximum speed - 195 km / h; fuel supply - 65 l; fuel - unleaded AI-95 gasoline. DIMENSIONS, mm: length - 4730; width - 1820; height - 1410; base - 2700; track front / rear - 1540/1530; ground clearance - 160; trunk volume - 375 l; turning radius - 5.3 m. ENGINE: in-line, four-cylinder, four valves per cylinder, distributed fuel injection, neutralizer; working volume - 1997 smz; cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 85x88 mm; compression ratio - 10.1; power - 190 kW / 136 l. with. at 6000 rpm; maximum torque - 180 N.m at 4500 rpm. TRANSMISSION: front-wheel drive; gearbox - hydromechanical four-stage; gear ratios: I - 2.84; II - 1.53; III - 1.00; IV - 0.94; h. x - 2.48; final drive - 4.04. SUSPENSION: front - independent on double wishbones, rear - independent multi-link, anti-roll bars front and rear. BRAKES: with amplifier, ABS and electronic brake force distribution; front - disc, ventilated, rear - disc. STEERING: rack and pinion with power steering. TIRES SIZE: 205 / 60R15.

+ Reasonable price, an excellent set of standard equipment, inexpensive options, a spacious comfortable interior, good stability, effective brakes, acceptable fuel consumption, a long warranty period.

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