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Random Number Theory
Random Number Theory






Alec is not all, but many car owners are trying to rationally conduct their automotive economy. A deficit-free monthly budget takes into account gasoline expenses, scheduled repairs and maintenance, and even the presence of a certain reserve - just in case. This NZ will be the topic of our conversation today.

For a whole month our calculator carefully watched one “nine”, carefully recording all expenses. Every month, the owner allocated 1, 500 rubles from the salary to the car - this number was withdrawn empirically (a thousand for gasoline, and so on, for little things …).

Sometimes there was enough money, and even a small margin remained. But often the motorist got into debt because of unforeseen expenses …

Events that occurred with the machine are not classified as unique (see table). And if so, we give the most probable cases and figure out what it costs.


Even stingy owners pamper their car with some trinket, such as a steering wheel or interior fragrance. A practical driver will buy a new brush and scraper for the winter, but only warmer - shampoo and sponge. Usually these expenses seem insignificant, but you can’t ignore them: trifles cost 100-200 rubles!

The owner of our "nine" considers himself a practical motorist and without the need for a car gives nothing. So it was this month.

To the same item of expenditure we include technical fluids. Leaking pipe, a worn out oil seal or a dry gasket are forced to lay out from 50 to 200 rubles for small containers of oil or “Tosol”. Many people do not take into account the costs of windshield washer fluid, and in vain - in slushy weather, a five-liter canister worth 50-100 rubles takes a couple of days.


A car enthusiast is usually ready for scheduled maintenance. Knowing the approximate cost of spare parts and work, he pre-sets aside rubles for oil, adjusting valves, etc. But it’s a bad thing - repairs often take on a large scale and add-ons appear on the list, causing unnecessary expenses. For example, checking the “wheel alignment”, the master will find a worn steering tip - you will have to change it.

Something similar happened with Samara. Loose clamp tightening the front pipe and resonator. The owner climbed under the car in the hope of tightening it, but the sour nuts did not give in. The spare part is inexpensive, but is it not from such trifles that significant costs are added up?

Another category is unexpected malfunctions along the way: the bulb burned out, the tire pulled flat, or even something more serious. For example, engine or gearbox failure. Costs are very different: from a few rubles to the cost of an expensive assembly unit.

The "nine" suddenly broke the steering column switch. The amount of expenses increased by another 50 rubles.

God forbid, the malfunction is serious - you have to ask for a tug. Even if the nearest service or garage is within reach, bargaining with a tractor (at least in the capital) will start from 50 rubles. And if this happened far from home, the bill will go to hundreds. Note that such accidents are quite rare.

Unplanned expenses arise when you buy spare parts in an expensive store. This is a kind of payment for comfort. Suppose a nut is lost during a repair or a new carburetor gasket is required. You won’t go to the market because of such nonsense, and spare parts purchased near the house will cost 20-50% more.


Sometimes we don’t even notice how at an average speed of 5-10 rubles / hour money is being drained from our pockets for services of an intrusive service, for example, parking near a store or a market.

For this month, "nine" once spent the night in a paid parking lot. A quiet sleep of the car and the owner cost 3 rubles / hour.

Often we don’t include a car wash in the list of expenses, although this is a true 200-300 rubles per month. And although in the summer many motorists refuse the services of professional moydodyrs, in winter the majority again become their customers.

Traffic police also relate to some extent to the service sector. By imposing fines on drivers, inspectors make a significant contribution to the amount of unforeseen expenses - sometimes up to two or three minimum salaries.

The driver of the Nine is a law-abiding citizen: he tries not to violate the Rules, but sometimes … in general, with whom he does not happen. Once he was close to meeting another road inspector. Rescued by the "sponsor", who was driving ahead - he had the honor to admire the digital signs on the new radar. And so they would have brought another 50-150 rubles to the table of expenses.


It is difficult to convey the feelings of the owner who saw his beloved mechanical child under the crown of a fallen poplar … But it is easy to calculate the damage that the merciless tree did: the rear window - 500 rubles, the installation - another hundred and fifty, and “thirty” for parking. Though the wooden green snake didn’t act so rudely with the body, otherwise the repair would have been much more expensive.

But not only the element is able to "dilute" the owner of the car for a significant amount. The blow can be obtained from fellow motorists. The consequences may be different …

Let's say you got to work or a summer residence, looked in your wallet and found out that the documents were left at home. You can return for them by car, but it’s better not to risk it. Traffic police officers - excellent psychologists - can read easily on your face: "rights and data sheet are in the first drawer of the table."

The owner of the "nine" can not be called absent-minded, but this month he still went for documents on public transport, laying out … 31 rubles. Costs after all.


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