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Underground Bus


Video: Underground Bus

Video: Underground Bus
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Underground Bus
Underground Bus







The Nizhny Novgorod company Technoservice designed and manufactured a 24-seater vehicle for transporting miners by order of Uralkali. “Mole” T-3220 - the novelty got such a name - uses the shortened chassis of the PAZ-3205 bus with single-wheel rear axle wheels.

The driver's cab and passenger compartment are made in the form of removable modules; Before assembling the machine, they are lowered separately into the shaft of the mine with a cross section of 3.50 x 1.45 m. The Japanese engine is a four-cylinder atmospheric diesel Toyota-5L. The remaining components and assemblies from domestic cars: the power steering and hydraulic pump are KAMAZ, the radiator was borrowed from the Volga GAZ 3102, the gearbox and razdatka from the GAZ-66. The latter allows you to reduce the operating speed range to 2–57 km / h (in mines there are restrictions: 20 km / h and only with a special permission of 40 km / h) and create all-wheel drive modifications for working in strongly inclined corridors - this will be one of five machines ordered by Technoservice.

Of the special equipment - an automatic fire extinguishing system "Doping-2", double exhaust gas treatment - a catalytic converter and then a bubble tank. Incidentally, the latter makes a silencer unnecessary. The underground bus can also move along public roads, as it is equipped with all the necessary lighting equipment. The cost of the “Mole” is supposedly 25-30 thousand dollars, which is three to four times cheaper than foreign counterparts.

"MOLE" T-3220

Wheel formula - 4x4 (4x4 possible); number of seats - 34 + 2; dimensions (L x W x H) - 6100x2220x2250 mm; ground clearance - 230 mm; turning radius - 7.0 m; the overcome climb - 16 °; engine - diesel, Toyota-5L; power - 67/92 kW / l. with. at 4000 rpm; torque - 192 N.m at 2400 rpm; fuel supply - 60 liters.

A bubbler tank is installed behind the right front seat - a tank with water through which exhaust gases are passed for spark suppression and better cleaning.



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