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Video: Пежо 307 слабые места | Недостатки и болячки б/у Peugeot 307 I 2023, January





"Peugeot 307" was presented to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year. So far they offer only a three- and five-door hatchback. Engine options: gasoline 1.4; 1.6; 2.0 liter and 2.0 liter turbodiesel In combination with the two most powerful gasoline engines, the Tiptronic automatic transmission is available. Since June 2001, sales of the Peugeot 307 began in Russia. The novelty enters our market only with gasoline engines.


PHOTO / IGOR Tverdunov, Anatoly FOMIN

The predecessor of the current model - "Peugeot 306" was not a huge success in Europe. Against the backdrop of recognized class leaders, the German Volkswagen Golf and Opel Astra, its sales were far from impressive, and a compatriot, Renault Megane, markedly set the 306th in Europe. And therefore, it was not necessary to count that the follower of the not the most successful car technically would become its evolutionary continuation. Everyone was waiting for the revolution … and waited.


Changing the numbers in the index this time is far from the most important thing. The brand new platform on which the Peugeot 307 is built has not yet been used on any Peugeot Citroen Alliance vehicle. The car is one of the largest in the class: length - 4.2 m, width - 1.73, height - 1.51 (!) M. The wheelbase is impressive - 2.61 m. So you can guess in advance about the large volume of the cabin. Great and a variety of trim levels. There are only five main ones: from the basic XR through the "intermediate" XS, XT, XT Pack to the most luxurious XSi. The latter in the standard, among other things, has a leather interior, and only the electric sunroof and CD changer are included in the list of additional equipment.

The basic equipment of the "Peugeot 307" looks quite European. The main bias towards safety and only then comfort. Therefore, the standard includes a power steering, ABS brakes and EBD (a device that "presses" the pedal during emergency braking), as well as a pair of frontal airbags. In the appendage - an immobilizer, central locking, tinted windows (without them, a car with such an area of ​​windows would have turned into a greenhouse on wheels). A pleasant, and most importantly, free surprise - heated electric mirrors and front power windows. All other means of comfort - either for an extra charge, or in more expensive trim levels. However, the basic set is very good for traditionally french French.


The candidate for acquaintance turned out to be with an average engine in the range - 1.6 liters (81 kW / 110 hp), but in an expensive XT Pack. In addition to the impressive standard set of equipment, our car “got”: 16-inch alloy wheels ($ 386), automatically folding mirrors and rear electric windows ($ 163), headlight washer and seat heating ($ 200), automatic climate control ($ 250). Total for 17 870 "green" - a lot for a compact car, even at the peak of interest in it. But in general, the price of "Peugeot 307" is in the range from 12, 930 to, consider, 20, 000 dollars.

The car looks like an ordinary five-door hatchback, but the first impression is not always the most correct. Sitting on the driver's seat, you are surprised to find about 200 mm of freedom above your head. Even if the seat is pulled up with the adjustment all the way up, still the space above the head will allow the tall driver to sit behind the wheel in a hat of any style. Yes, one and a half meters high cars with a very low floor make the cabin just "airy". In addition, it is not crowded here widely and even in the back seat. The dimensions of the doorways do not allow unless to jump from the run. Under the fifth door with servo lock - voluminous trunk, there is a net for small things, under the floor - a full reserve.

When choosing a landing on the driver’s seat, you can take into account not only your height, but also your habits. If you want - sit lower, having sacrificed a little visibility for the sake of feeling the car, you want - high by bus: a steering wheel with adjustable tilt and column length allows this. The shape of the seat cushions also does not interfere with the landing experiments, and the lateral support - for sharp maneuvers. And yet, no matter how you sit down, you understand that Peugeot 307 will not be able to become a “hot” hatchback - it is too big. The inner voice is constantly convincing: you are driving a minivan. And the eyes before which looms half a meter wide” dashboard ", only echo …


Let's try to get rid of bias. It cannot, and should not, be a stylish hatchback to drive like a large family transport. Check it out? The right pedal to the stop, and the Peugeot responds with a smooth but powerful acceleration. Short gears “twist” quickly, and the engine pleases with a small pickup after 4000 rpm and a well-set voice above 5000. So the leg does not hesitate to put pressure on the accelerator, and the gearshift process only pleases. Eh, the clutch pedal would be a little tougher, and the shift lever a little more precise - it would be great, and so … just fine.

Here are the familiar "little villas" … A left turn, after a hundred meters right - and immediately another left … Excellent! Quickly, confidently, competently. Neither swinging, nor “face out”, nor “tail-waving”. "Peugeot 307" - self confidence. Slightly added - the car goes out of the turn, slightly reduced - inside. It seems that there are simply no intermediate states - the car only needs to hint, he will do the rest himself, without undue courage, but without much thought. Special thanks not only to the suspension, but also to the tires of a serious size (205 / 55R16). "Dunlop-SP 2000" demonstrates remarkable grip and a touchless character. By the way, BMWs are often equipped with these tires - a good recommendation.

And if you handle the car very abruptly, almost rudely … Well, then the steering delays began, there was a slight tendency to skid. Thank God - therefore, the laws of physics have not been repealed. And surprisingly, there are no "frills": in front - "McPherson", in the back - an elastic transverse beam. Or is it not the design, but the designers?

Now cars are delivered to Russia in the "Eastern European" configuration. Unlike “just European”, they have a bit more ground clearance and stiffer springs. Comfort is sufficient, energy intensity is almost enough. This, of course, is not the suspension with which Peugeot completes the car for Africa, but for the neat driver - the best option; in the end, it’s better to slow down before the potholes. You can also drive along a fairly even primer, but it’s worth saving the front bumper - the overhang is rather big.


The standards in the compact class are determined by Volkswagen Golf - it is on him that you have to look back, having been at the wheel of an analogue. What to do now? Indeed, with regard to the size of the cabin, the Peugeot 307 raised the bar, becoming (albeit temporarily) unattainable for competitors. And in terms of technology innovations, he has few rivals. Take at least multiplex wiring - this class of cars is very rare. To summarize. Salon gigantomania is not a dead end. There are much more lovers of “airy” interiors than “claustrophiles” who prefer close cockpits “a la formula”. Yes, and the requirements of passive safety are easier to fulfill. And yet, did Peugeot stitch its middle lion a "hide on growth"? But it doesn’t interfere with running and it looks not bad.

By the way, I’m curious what it will be like … well, for example, Golf V?

Peugeot 307 1.6XT

GENERAL DATA: number of places - 5; curb weight - 1193 kg; gross weight - 1693 kg; maximum speed - 190 km / h; acceleration time from standstill to 100 km / h - 11.6 s; fuel consumption in conventional suburban and city cycles - 5.8; 9.5 l / 100 km; fuel supply - 60 l; fuel - unleaded AI-95 gasoline. DIMENSIONS, mm: length - 4202; width - 1730; height - 1510; base - 2608; track front / rear - 1505/1497; ground clearance - 140; trunk volume - 340/1330 l; turning radius - 5.6 m. ENGINE: gasoline, in-line, four-cylinder, four valves per cylinder, electronic throttle actuator; located transversely in front; working volume - 1587 cmz; cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 78.5x82.0 mm; compression ratio - 11.0; power - 80 kW / 110 l. with. at 5750 rpm; maximum torque - 147 N.m at 3900 rpm. TRANSMISSION: front-wheel drive; gearbox - five-speed manual; gear ratios: I - 3.42; II - 1.81; III - 1.28; IV - 0.97; V - 0.77; h. x - 4.58; final drive - 4.69. SUSPENSION: in front - independent, such as McPherson, with anti-roll bar, in the rear - two wheels connected by an elastic transverse beam. BRAKES: disc, with ABS, ventilated in front. STEERING: rack and pinion with electric power steering. TIRES SIZE: 195 / 65R15 (205 / 55R16).

+ Spacious interior, a good set of standard and optional equipment, a modern engine, well-selected gear ratios, exemplary handling.

-High price for well-equipped models, large front overhang, high-speed tire noise.


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