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Fleet Sp. Samara


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Fleet Sp. Samara
Fleet Sp. Samara




MODEL / VAZ 2109 3






PUBLICATIONS / ЗР, 2000, No. 10


Sixteen years have passed somehow unnoticed since the start of production of front-wheel drive cars at the VAZ - after the Zhiguli the Samaras have already become conveyor veterans. Nevertheless, the G8 and Nine are still preferable for many machines of the "tenth" family - far from all are willing to overpay a thousand dollars for a more modern appearance. We also do not waste in vain, and for editorial needs, including operational tests, we buy more often not the freshest, but the most popular models. One of them was VAZ 2109 3 colors "charoite" - gray-purple metallic. We chose a car with an eight-valve injection engine.

In order not to tempt fate, we immediately drove the “nine” to our Mozhaisk technical center - to extend the fasteners, eliminate minor defects and adjust the components and mechanisms. But, alas, such a long (a good hundred versts) path without preparation our new “car from the store” could not master - the inner SHRUS of the left wheel drive fell apart halfway. The trip continued in tow and ended at the workshop of the dealer, where the hinge was replaced with a new one. Naturally, under warranty.

Having reached Mozhaisk, they put the car on a joke - for a thorough audit, and at the same time for additional equipment. Of course, they immediately went through all four SHRUS - now they are sure that their retaining rings will remain in the grooves of the shafts, and the balls of balls will not move along the slots. Perhaps the incorrigible optimist will grin: “Well, you guys are reinsurers!”, But someone who has seen a lot and does not consider the domestic car a finished product will most likely call it prudence.

A thorough revision inspired confidence in the reliability of the machine, and with a light heart we put it on the line. Compared to the “top ten” colors of the “antelope”, which we bought a little earlier (see ЗР, 2000, No. 5), the brand new “chisel” behaves quite decently: in the cabin it is noisy at all, the fuel injection system, which the plant has for six years of production finally “brought to mind”, pleases the pleasant, without the slightest failures, engine promotion. The creakiness and explosiveness of the details of the cabin, by Russian standards, are still moderate, but we know that after a year or two any “Samara” inevitably begins to delight the owner’s hearing with concerts of tambourines and castanets …

However, the transportation of goods and passengers is far from the main purpose of editorial machines. It is much more important to test various accessories, consumables and just spare parts from outside manufacturers that do not arrive on the assembly line.

We started by protecting the body from corrosion. Processing hidden cavities cost $ 115 - we chose a simple "Tektil" without bronze and zinc. It should be enough for the foreseeable future. At the same company, Rostplastic wing liners were offered for 420 rubles, front wheel mudguards for 170, crankcase protection for 180 (installation prices) and … (for a walk like that for a walk!) - we agreed. It may be cheaper at the store, but time is also money.

Then very light forged wheels of Verkhnyaya Salda production wheels turned up very well - the plant gave it for testing, at the same time instead of cheap Nizhnekamsk rubber they shod them in the Continental brand. Instead of the nasty whistling pads, they put on the front brakes asbestos-free Daphmy. By the way, the wiring of the limit wear indicators from the pads had to be disconnected to avoid false alarms of the signal lamp. On foreign cars, this system usually works properly even in Moscow’s salt fog, and VAZ, apparently, recklessly decided that it would turn out such an overseas “gadget” …

The alarm system was delivered from inexpensive, but the latest generation, corresponding to the new GOST. She will not save from a professional thief in the same way as a super-sophisticated one, but she will not disturb at night with false positives, like the models of the sample of the 90s. The same thing happened with “music”. Why seduce thieves with a stereo system for $ 1000, when for only 65 you can buy a cassette player. Another $ 110 was spent on a couple of large Sony speakers and a shelf for their hidden installation (see photo).

After a couple of slushy months, the native wiper blades began to smear the dirt - they put the French “Valeo”. We usually change the windshield washer nozzles on VAZ cars immediately after purchase - we put those with a nut fastener at 4 rubles apiece. Established always hang out in the openings of the hood, since their antennae-latches break off even on the conveyor. But we still hope to solve the mystery of the inexplicable and long-term love of VAZ for their supplier …

Despite the careful preparation of the “nine” for operation, a breakdown occurred on the fifth thousand kilometers - the aluminum cover of the oil pump cracked due to a casting defect (see photo). We discovered this by accident. Approaching the car, which had been standing under the editorial office all day, our colleague smelled the overripe bananas and remembered that the "nine" had fragrance just the same yesterday. Guess: “The same Motul oil is pouring its ethers into the atmosphere!” And for sure - a spot shines on the asphalt under the motor. Realizing that watering the roads with “coconut” synthetics at $ 13 per liter is somewhat unprofitable, we immediately went to our Tushino technical center, where we replaced the complete oil pump. Since then, we have been looking forward to new surprises: domestic automotive equipment is an inexhaustible source of stories and conflicts for our reports.

On the Verkhnyaya Salda disks, the wheels are not only perfectly balanced, but also look good.

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