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Minsk Heavy Truck


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Minsk Heavy Truck
Minsk Heavy Truck







Truck performance has long been estimated in ton-kilometers. There are two ways to improve this indicator. Let's say do more rides. But, unfortunately, there are only twenty-four hours in a day, and the average speed on the route is a constant value. Or pile more cargo. Again, bad luck - overload is dangerous for the health of the car (and sometimes the driver). There is only one thing left - the heavy-duty road train. This is exactly what the Minsk Automobile Plant will soon offer customers. It is called MAZ-650108 + 8561 and consists of a twenty-ton tractor-dump truck and an equally roomy trailer.

This combination was not chosen by chance. At the initial filling of the canvas, a maneuverable loner is preferable, but as soon as the bridgehead appears more spacious, the productivity will double due to the trailer.

Acquaintance with the newcomer took place in the sand quarry, in his native element. The only instance so far is designed to work on intra-departmental and technological roads that allow axial loads of up to 13 tf. On ordinary, this heavyweight can easily push the track.

The ancestor of the new family was the MAZ-6430 main tractor, already produced in small series. From it, the dump truck received the main components of the chassis, power unit and cab. The latter - with improvements. In the local jargon, she was dubbed "small." It is actually shorter and lower than the “source”. But all the elements of safety and comfort are fully preserved. Unlike those that are on the current 5516 series dump trucks, it has an almost flat floor (a small tunnel protrudes only 190 mm). Both seats are air-suspension, so the soul is no longer shaking out. With folded backs, they also serve as supports for the bedroom place. The steering wheel is adjustable in height and angle. The car radio seamlessly blended into the modern interior. Riding in such an environment is both safe and enjoyable.

By the way, just to increase safety, the power frame was changed - a strong steel skeleton rests on a floor reinforced with box-shaped profiles. As a result, the cabin rose another seventy centimeters above the ground. Now at a traffic light, a friendly pat on the roof of a colleague at 5516 is not difficult. To see the situation well not only in front, but also in the back, the cabin is hung with mirrors. There are five of them - two on the left and three on the right, as required by the European standard. All this beauty is properly protected from corrosion. Cabin metal is galvanized, and plumage elements are painted with powder enamels. The lower belt is made of plastic, and the solid front wings reliably cover the bottom.

The YaMZ-7511 engine "lives" under a cabin in a special soundproofing capsule. This is the basic option. By order, any popular diesel engine can be replaced in its place. But this four hundred-strong is enough. To match the engine and the fuel tank - its 300 liters is enough for two shifts of hard work. The eight-speed gearbox MAZ-543205 with a demultiplier helps to adapt to various traffic conditions.

Both rear driving axles are equipped not only with the center axle, but also with the interwheel (!) Blocking. With this scheme, all the wheels of the trolley can be forced to "row" at the same time, rigidly connected to the driveshaft. If you want, you won’t stall! True, at the same time, the car, especially when loaded, does not obey the steering wheel well - the rear bogie drives it only directly, so using the full lock is only necessary in difficult areas. On paved roads, a traction control system that automatically brakes the crank wheel is preferable. The device is much more delicate, intervenes in the control process only if necessary. In tandem with him, another option is also working - the anti-lock braking system “Vabko”. The name speaks for itself - during emergency braking on any surface, the wheels cannot be locked. Therefore, the road train will not lose control and will not work out. Naturally, it acts on both the tractor and the trailer.

The suspension of all wheels is spring. Pneumocylinders, now fashionable on main tractors, are not suitable for a dump truck. The quarry is still not a highway - there are much more pits and bumps. On the shoes of the balancers of the rear trolley even provided for special "ears". They keep the sheets from sprawling.

But this is particular. The main element that determines the purpose of the car is the body. At "our" road train there are two small cars with a volume of 11 cubic meters each. By setting up the side walls, you can easily add another two and a half “cubes”. On the tractor, unloading is three-way, on the trailer - two. At first, I was surprised by the hinge of the side boards - at the left loop at the bottom, at the right - at the top. As it turned out, both options are being tested. The first one is tempting not to fall asleep of its own wheels during unloading, the second for its ease of execution (because it closes without an additional hydraulic cylinder under its own weight). We will see the winner on a production car.

In winter, it is customary to heat the body so that the load does not freeze to the metal. Usually they use exhaust gases for this, letting them through the tunnels in the floor and sides. To reduce gas contamination, which is especially important in quarries, it is desirable to remove the silencer pipe as high as possible. And here the creators did not come to a single decision. “Our” MAZ is still without heating, and in the future both he and the trailer will be equipped with special heaters.

The body is mounted on a subframe and frame. It is it that accounts for the main load, because in addition to the useful, it carries the “useless” weight of the vehicle’s own units. And this is almost fourteen tons. To use existing profiles, designers reinforced their corners, creating an original scheme. There are many such unusual solutions in this car, because a family was born from scratch. Some of them are shown in the photographs. The rest can be seen in a year and a half, when the road train appears on the roads.

TRAIN MAZ-650108 + 8561

GENERAL DATA: car loading capacity, kg - 19700 (11700) *; gross vehicle weight, kg - 33300 (25300); road train loading capacity, kg - 39000 (25000); the full mass of the road train, kg - 59300 (45300); platform volume, mz: car - 11; trailer - 11. Unloading: vehicle - three-way; Trailer - double-sided. Unloading time, s - 20; control fuel consumption at a speed of 60 km / h, l / 100 km - 47 (39); maximum speed, km / h - 92. ENGINE: model - YaMZ-7511.10 (Euro II); engine power, kW / l. with. - 294 / 400. TRANSMISSION: gearbox - MAZ-543205; the number of steps - 9; the wheel formula of the car is 6x4. TIRES SIZE: 12, 00R20. ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: tachograph, PBS, independent heater, folding berth, radio.

* In brackets - for operation on public roads with permissible axial loads: per axle - 10, 000 kg, biaxial trolley - 18, 000 kg.

On the telescopic linkage of the gearbox lever, instead of an unreliable ball lever, there is a hydraulic lock.

Backlash-free towing device - UNECE requirement.

The spacious cabin has a berth. Just in case.

While the exhaust is up

but in perspective -

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