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Mitsubishi Space Wagon. SPACE REGION ARRIVED


Video: Mitsubishi Space Wagon. SPACE REGION ARRIVED

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Mitsubishi Space Wagon. SPACE REGION ARRIVED
Mitsubishi Space Wagon. SPACE REGION ARRIVED


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Almost every reputable automaker now considers it obligatory to have a minivan in the lineup - usually one, less often two. Japanese companies were more successful than others, mainly due to the specific requirements of the domestic market. For example, Mitsubishi produces seven van models - from micro to maxi - of which three are now shipped to Russia.

The space series was supplemented by the full-size Space Wagon, which took place between the compact Space Star (ZR, 2000, No. 7) and the large frame Gear Space. The design is related to the first one - a supporting body, a transversely mounted motor, front-wheel drive, and the second - close sizes and three rows of seats. One of the first cars that appeared in Russia, costing $ 26, 390, with a 2.0 liter engine and a manual gearbox, visited our test.

Marketing specialists position Vagon as a corporate or family transport, emphasizing its “passenger” purpose. A two-volume silhouette, four hinged side doors work for this - in a tight parking lot they are less convenient than sliding ones, but they do not cause bus associations. Add embossed embossing on the hood and around the wheel arches, additional pillars almost invisible behind the side mirrors and even a flirty wing above the fifth door. In general, the minivan from the outside looks like a slightly fat family wagon. Moreover, the completeness is well concealed deliberately by the angular cut of the body.

The considerable size of the "Vagon" you feel only close. The back doors are a delight! It seems that a little stranger in the opening two people can freely miss each other. In a spacious, with a completely flat floor cabin seven full-fledged passenger seats - even in the third row the seat backs are adjustable in angle, there is ample legroom, and a good dozen centimeters remain above your head. True, it is not possible to immediately return the middle-row sofa pushed forward. On a modification with a 2.4-liter engine (available for sale in August, the cost of picking GLX $ 29, 290) in the middle can be two separate seats. By the way, even with a full passenger kit, there is still 240 liters of free luggage space behind. Curious: not only the front, but also the rear electric windows have automatic mode - much more prestigious cars cannot boast such a luxury. The locking process must first be controlled manually because of the traditionally invisible outside lock buttons. But a small sun visor, covering, if necessary, the space between the edge of the roof and the internal mirror, is a “lotion” almost exclusive! About such trivial things as air conditioning with a dust filter, heated seats and exterior mirrors, two airbags, belts with pyrotechnic tensioners, steering column tilt adjustment and a trip computer, you can not spread it - just say that they are.

After a passenger car, getting used to the Space Wagon for a long time is not necessary. Unlike many competitors, classmates, the front panel here does not resemble a table for twelve people, and the racks are rafters that are lost in the distance. The visible hood allows you to feel the front envelope well, and the huge, with spherical inserts exterior mirrors - to control the situation behind and on the sides. The location of the short gear lever is unusual - not on the floor, but slightly in front, on the protrusion of the central column. However, his moves are so precise and short that you quickly get used to it, and soon you even ask yourself: why doesn't everyone do this? Thanks to the handbrake shifted to the left between the front seats, a free passage was formed - you can move back without problems. But it is better not to let outsiders behind the wheel: the subsequent adjustment of the seat with three rotating handles is a long process.

On the go, first of all, magnificent noise and vibration isolation conquers: even at high speed neither the engine, nor the wind, nor tires bother. The two-liter power unit has a smooth character, an enviable operating range and is hardworking, without protest it is lucky with almost 800 rpm. If necessary, he can “shoot”, but he does not have to say that he does it effortlessly - almost one and a half tons of curb weight and the status of a mini, but the van determine a more measured riding style. But powerful tenacious brakes (disc on all wheels) will honor the more dynamic car.

An independent suspension with anti-roll bars provides the Wagon with completely responsive, road-free, roll-and-roll reactions. Two subframes almost completely isolate the body from shaking on small potholes. However, it is not necessary to overestimate the suspension capabilities - a wheel with a characteristic impact on the limiter is sometimes hung out on large coating defects. For vehicles delivered to Russia, the ground clearance is increased by 10 mm (to 165 mm) - it seems that this further reduced the rebound stroke of the already short-stroke suspension. In addition to increased clearance, the Russian package includes more powerful battery and starter. Warranty - three years or 100 thousand km, frequency of service - 10 thousand km. The instruction requires that the Space Wagon be refueled with the unleaded 95th, although it also allows the 91st.

In 1997, the Mitsubishi Grandis (Shariot) minivan was introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show, replacing the slightly more compact Space Wagon in the domestic market. A year later, the change of model occurred in Europe, but here the novelty inherited the name of its predecessor. The five-door seven-seater "Mitsubishi Space Wagon" is produced in Okazaki (Japan). It is equipped with gasoline engines with a working volume of 2.0 and 2.4 (GDI) liters. For a more powerful modification, along with a five-speed manual gearbox, a four-speed automatic is provided, and in addition to the front-wheel drive, it is full (not supplied to Russia). In Japan, a modification with a 3.0 engine (GDI) l is also sold.

Mitsubishi Space Wagon

GENERAL DATA: number of places - 7; curb weight - 1470 kg; gross weight - 2120 kg; maximum speed - 180 km / h; acceleration time from standstill to 100 km / h - 12.0 s; fuel consumption in conventional suburban and city cycles - 7.6; 12.5 l / 100 km; fuel supply - 63 l; fuel - AI-95 unleaded gasoline (AI-91 is allowed). DIMENSIONS, mm: length - 4600; width - 1775; height - 1650; base - 2780; track front / rear - 1500/1535; ground clearance - 165 *; trunk volume - 240/1930 l; turning radius - 5.8 m. ENGINE: four-cylinder, gasoline in-line, four valves per cylinder, with distributed injection, located transversely in front; working volume - 1997 smz; cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 85.0x88.0 mm; compression ratio - 10.0; power - 98 kW / 133 l. with. at 6000 rpm; maximum torque - 175 N.m at 4500 rpm. TRANSMISSION: front-wheel drive; gearbox - five-speed manual; gear ratios: I - 3, 58; II - 1.95; III - 1.27; IV - 0.97; V - 0.77; h. x - 3.36; final drive - 4.31. SUSPENSION: independent with anti-roll bars, assembled on subframes, front - MacPherson type, rear - single diagonal levers. BRAKES: hydraulic disk with an amplifier and ABS, front - ventilated. STEERING: rack and pinion with variable power amplifier. TIRES SIZE: 205 / 65R15.

*Without load.

+ Clear road reactions, effective brakes, a convenient gear lever, large doorways, a spacious lounge, full third-row seats, excellent sound insulation, large exterior mirrors.

-Slow ride suspension end, not quite a comfortable driver's seat.


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