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Video: Ep. 44: Book Sounds (ASMR no talking, tapping, tracing, page-flipping, page-turning, crinkles) - 🎧 2023, January
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… settled on our shelves about five years ago - it was then that the American company Saturn High Tech Inc began supplying Prology car audio equipment to Russia. First, headunits appeared - radio and CD-receivers, and after a couple of years acoustics were added to them.

The abilities of the “aliens” can be evaluated as follows: strong middle peasants. Basically, if we talk about their price, quality and functionality. At the same time, they are well adapted to Russian realities - from January frosts to historically established impassability. Acoustics "Saturn" includes, according to the latest catalog, 37 models, and all kits contain not only the necessary fasteners, but also elements of aesthetics - there are no protruding screws and hidden wires here.

Specifically, the following is proposed. The Nexxt (NX) series is the so-called youth acoustics designed for emotional lovers of the corresponding repertoire. Particularly advanced music lovers will note the neodymium magnets used in it, rubber suspensions and polypropylene diffusers. The Platinum (PX) series contains butyl rubber suspensions that allow transmitting vibrations of voice coils as accurately as possible to the main characters - diffusers. In the low-frequency components of such products, strontium magnets are used. The acoustics of the Titanium (TX) class got its name due to the titanium spraying applied here on diffusers - this provides them with additional rigidity and also gives the products a techno-style appearance. The high-end Graphite series sounds softer at low and medium frequencies - this is achieved by using a special graphite-enhanced acoustic polymer. The “graphite” acoustics is complemented by powerful mid-frequency and Mylar “tweeters” - similar component systems provide a clear separate sounding of instruments and voices.

And still, first of all, the eye is looking for a subwoofer - the “heavy” weight category always causes increased interest. The “aliens” brought Ecstasy and Neo with them - four new subwoofer models with diffuser diameters of 250 and 305 mm, operating at powers from 350 to 550 watts. Distinctive sound at high powers is achieved, in particular, with the help of a highly curved durable butyl rubber suspension, which provides the necessary amplitude of oscillations of the sound-emitting system. The magnet of the subwoofers has a rubber casing, and the voice coils have double cases with high heat resistance. Baskets are also unusual: a special Ecstasy anti-resonant coating eliminates spurious RF vibrations, while the Neo chrome coating is beautiful and durable. All have gold-plated terminals and vented pole lugs.

The point is small - listen, compare and choose.


During the ongoing technology race, priorities are constantly changing. More recently, the basis of success for the head unit in car audio was its equipment - the more various functions, the better. Now the leaders are design and, finally, ease of use.

How to place the required number of buttons, verniers, and also a functional display on the small panel, the size of characters on which can be viewed without a magnifying glass? The "hole" for the cassette or CD was closed for a long time, but the area is still not enough. There are only two options, like - either give priority to the buttons, “clutching” the display, or swing the display, reducing the switches to the limit. However, there is a third - to leave both that, and another … on the different sides of the rotating front panel. This concept is followed by Sony.

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