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To Be A Cut Above

To Be A Cut Above
To Be A Cut Above






All drivers of the city know her. Many, passing along the busy section of Moskovsky Prospekt, raise their hands with a smile. The only female traffic inspector in St. Petersburg for nearly a quarter of a century is already an occasion for a legend. And Kurochkina also forced herself to be respected - and right away, back in the late 70s, she was punished with a “composter” of a Moscow police general, who rode freely along the axle. If she were a man, she would probably have flown out with a bang from the traffic police. But the offended general did not dare to tear off shoulder straps from a small woman looking like a teenager …

- Raisa Sergeevna, how did you get into the traffic police?

- I came from Odessa to Leningrad, to my uncle. And once she saw a traffic controller at a crossroads. How beautifully she worked with a rod! I could not take my eyes off. I persuaded a girlfriend, wrote a statement in frames. She didn’t go through health, but they told me, it’s possible even into space.

- Once upon a time at the Leningrad intersections there were many inspectors in skirts. Where are they all now?

- Let's go weddings. Then - the children, care certificates. And I was lucky, I have a good mother-in-law: you, says, a rod under your arm, a whistle in your pen - and calmly go work!

- What was the most difficult for you at first?

- To study all this: traffic rules, the city, brands and models of cars. Because the intruder leaves, and it is necessary to transmit about him by walkie-talkie …

- For example, “Toyota Corolla” from “Karina” can you distinguish?

- (Laughs) I can!.. There were still problems with uniforms. What am I slouching about? All my life in a sheepskin coat went 54th size, and I have 46th! The first felt boots were given to me generally dimensionless: they say nothing, pour boiling water to sit down … My mother-in-law handed them over to the commission room and brought me the village ones - that was good!

“Where did you meet your husband, with whom you acquired such a wonderful mother-in-law?”

- At the crossroads. He overtook someone, and I punished him three rubles. I take "rights": in the photo he looks like a person, he has a neatly cut hair, and in life he is shaggy, scary! “What do you work with?” - “The driver” … After that he returned and waited three hours to take me to the hostel. A year later they got married, and soon a silver wedding.

“Do you yourself have a driver’s license?”

- Neither “right” nor car.

- Even the official?

“Why do I need her?” It is necessary to look after the car, to be engaged in it. Where is the time to take?

- A lot of boors?

- Enough. The only remedy against them is correctness and patience. Stopped - and he, for example, on the "cell phone" speaks to me and zero attention. I'm calmly waiting. And now, I say, it’s your turn to wait and listen to me: you violated this and that … You know, some later drive up: “Sorry, I was wrong!”

- Does rudeness depend on the make and price of the car?

- Not.

- That is, a boor may be on the "Zaporozhets"?

- Even on foot!

- And what is your relationship with female drivers?

- Women are also different. There are screamers, there are, on the contrary, crybabies - immediately in tears. “What are you? - I say this. “I will punish you by loving or scolding you a little bit and letting go.”

- How do they most often justify themselves?

- Like, I’m upset or late because of my husband, because of children … Usually I limit myself to verbal warning, because I know what women are.

“Do you agree that they are, generally speaking, more cultured drivers?”

“We should be a cut above men.”

“By the way, wouldn’t you tell me with your husband which men you like?”

- With hoarse voices. Vysotsky, Rosenbaum, Shevchuk … The other day, Rosenbaum passed me on a black Lincoln - oh, what a handsome man!


- (Laughs) Rosenbaum.

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