“TEN” ON A Saucer

In the series "On their own" - the bestseller of the Russian car market.


Those who have already purchased a car of the youngest VAZ family or are just going to the salon to buy, can be calm. There will be no informational hunger, the usual satellite of domestic car innovations. The allowance from the “Driving” arrived just in time.

The book contains the entire “tenth” family - a sedan, a station wagon, a hatchback and the entire range of engines - a carbureted VAZ 2110, injection VAZ 2111 and VAZ 2112. Specialists “scattered” the machines to the screw (in the literal sense!) And presented each operation for disassembling and assembling components and assemblies in great detail, gradually illustrating with color photos. All necessary tools for repair, including special devices, are shown in the appendix.

Each model has its own characteristic sores, what to do. Based on the rich experience of “Driving”, a section of the book “Diagnostics of Faults” is based, where the ways of searching and treating “ten-foot” ailments are traced.

To help repairmen - color schemes of electrical equipment of both carburetor and injection modifications. In the appendix - tightening torques of threaded connections, a list of used lamps, cuffs, bearings, a table of interchangeability of spark plugs.

In general, everything that you want to know about the "top ten" and even that which you have not yet guessed is gathered under one cover. Without exaggeration, such a publication can be called an encyclopedia of the "tenth" family.

A book

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st. Bakuninskaya, 72.

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st. Dolgorukovskaya, 36.

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