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Video: Pulling On Science

Video: Pulling On Science
Video: A Force is a Push or Pull 2023, June
Pulling On Science
Pulling On Science


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To service modern cars, it is increasingly necessary to use various testers, probes, and even computers. And this is not a tribute to fashion, but a deliberate necessity - try to check the microprocessor control system with a carrying lamp! But we used to evaluate the tension of the drive belt the old fashioned way - I pressed it with my finger and immediately understood everything …

Of course, it is not worth talking about any accuracy of such “measurements”. “Overshoot” is as unacceptable as “undershot”, but most “training manuals” for servicing a car tell us only valid “Newtons” and millimeters. And how to replace your own finger?

The solution to the problem is shown in the photo. The Yekaterinburg-based Ormet company has launched the production of the PPNR-100 device for checking belt tension. The product is delivered in a wooden case - the instruction manual and even a “calibration certificate” are included in the package.

The novelty is quite universal - it can work "in the range" from VAZ to KamAZ, and a good techie knows all the necessary numbers by heart. However, just in case, we give a table.

It is not difficult to use the device - it is enough to set the required force on the scale and apply a PPNR to the recommended section of the belt. The dynamometer has a so-called "ultimate" design - when you reach the specified force, a click is heard. If the “paws” of the device have already rested against the pulleys, but there is still no click, then the belt must be pulled. On the contrary, if you hear a click, and the device has not yet rested anywhere, then there is a "tug". The exact amount of deflection of the belt is determined after removing the product from the engine compartment - you do not need to peer into the scale in the dark.

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