Under the nose of Gosstandart, wholesalers establish their safety criteria for automotive accessories.



“Three hundred and twenty rubles for the trunk - is it a lot or a little?” I thought in front of the window of the Oka specialty store. There was no choice - paid. And the seller, a very kind person, himself installed this design on the roof of my car. So as not to damage the body cover, he carefully put … a piece of paper (!) Under each of the four mounting hooks. “You can’t do without tinting, ” I thought, and started off toward the house. After a few seconds - a click over the left ear and something clanged on the asphalt. I'm braking. One of the mounts has flown …

"Go back? - a thought flickered. “No, I'll try to ride, ” I decided, dooming myself to the experiment. Put the mount in place and began to observe. Several days passed: two rear hooks loosened (those that cling to the opening of the third door) - they could be removed even with a slight movement of the little finger. Another week passed - and the paintwork of my baby in the places of attachment of the front hooks was godlessly scratched.

How did this “miracle” appear on the counter? I go to our lawyer, I look at the legislation. We find: all auto parts are subject to mandatory certification in Russia, but the trunk does not apply to them! It can be seen that it does not affect safety.


I’m going to MADI, I ask the expert of this reputable institute of Candidate of Technical Sciences Sergey Losavio to familiarize himself with my purchase and issue a written opinion. I will give a few excerpts from this document.

The first surprise: the trunk is not assembled correctly. “Violation of assembly rules leads to a mismatch between the shape of the trunk and the shape and size of the car roof. This, in turn, leads to improper installation of the roof rack supports … under certain conditions, it can lead to a fall in the trunk while the car is moving. ”

Incidentally, the assembly instructions are not attached - such a "trifle", a piece of paper. But even the seller of the company store couldn’t assemble the trunk correctly, let alone give recommendations on how much to load. And this threatens big trouble: I’ll take the refrigerator to the country, what will happen?

The second surprise: the luggage compartment mounts are not strong enough. During installation (if you do not know the tightening torque of the screws), the brackets simply straighten. In addition, on the move "under the influence of static and dynamic loads, extension of the brackets and loosening of the trunk attachment can occur." In general, the trunk will "walk" in any case. What this threatens is easy to guess.

Surprise three: "To prevent damage to the paintwork of the car, a change in the design of the luggage compartment mounting elements is required." And can this be called a product? Rather, a workpiece. Moreover - increased danger (the fact that the trunk was not covered with soil and by the time of the examination had rusted in some places was probably a trifle)!


With great difficulty I find the manufacturer - Sherp LLC (no information about the manufacturer was attached to the trunk, which, by the way, is a gross violation of the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights").

The director of the company, Sergey U., after reading the MADI examination, explained: “The wholesaler dictates to me. I offered him instructions … He said: “The guys themselves know …“ I had plans to make plastic inserts on the hooks so that the paint does not suffer. But he thought it was expensive (the wholesaler will not take it). Are the hooks weak in themselves? I know. We used to make them from the “deuce” (steel 2 mm thick - ЗР), so it was possible to lift the “Oku” by the crane with a crane, and now from the “lorry”, because there are less burrs on the “lorry” … "

- How many luggage racks did you collect?

- About 600.

- Can you repaint six hundred cars? Or pay for the repair of a Mercedes, which (God forbid, of course) your trunk will fall on the go?



I am not the controller of Gosstandart, not an employee of the Trade Inspectorate … but still asked Sergey U. to take a step towards the consumer. He promised that since September he will provide all the luggage racks with instructions: how to properly assemble, how much can be loaded. And, most importantly, it will warn that the hooks of the fasteners can damage the paintwork (with the specification of how this can be avoided). Sergey intends to strengthen the rigidity of the hooks.

However, "Driving" can not travel across the country to persuade each manufacturer. Is this not the concern of the state?

We really want the article not to pass by the State Standard of the Russian Federation. This authoritative organization should have a good idea of ​​what it means to “fall of the trunk while the car is moving”. It's not just about possible damage to property - human lives are at stake! The main buyers of Oka are by no means professionals. Novice drivers, ladies … And these technically savvy consumers were without the necessary information about the product. Why are they endangered?

Our reference

“The harm caused to the life, health or property of the consumer due to constructive, industrial, prescription or other defects of the goods is subject to compensation in full” (Article 14, paragraph 1 of the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”). You can claim damages from both the manufacturer and the seller of the goods.