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The heading materials were prepared by Denis BOROVITSKY, Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV

The Rybinsk generator will allow to have on-board electric networks of different voltages.

To increase the voltage of the on-board network is one of the trends in modern automotive industry. Still, by switching, say, to 42 volts instead of 14, by reducing the cross-section of conductive wires by a factor of three, you can get impressive savings of scarce copper, make life easier for switching equipment that prefers small currents to large, use economical halogen lamps, air conditioners with thermocouples and other useful “stuffing” ". So think of Europeans and Japanese overnight to introduce the "42-volt standard", you can forget about the already extremely small export of domestic cars.

It would seem that it’s time to beat all the bells, to slow down our manufacturers and with the slogan “Give!” Urgently switch to a new voltage. However, everything is not so simple. Hasty readjustment of mass production lines is capable of launching enterprises of automotive tractor equipment around the world and, if not ruining it, at least shifting their financial burden onto the shoulders of consumers. So it’s better to increase the voltage step by step.

This can be done with the help of a multi-grid generator that provides two car networks with current: the main one with a voltage of 14 V and an additional 42 V. Such a device was created by specialists of the Engine Engineering Research Laboratory (Rybinsk). Its introduction will make it possible to gradually replace traditional components with new ones (by the way, the West also follows this path): electrical equipment manufacturers will receive time for restructuring, and car factories will be able to stay on the world market.